L-Theanine with HU ?

Hi Everyone, I feel like I ask the weirdest questions but here goes.

A DO, osteopath , put me on L-theanine for anxiety, it makes me feel kind of weird in my head so of course I googled it.. Here what I found.

L-theanine should be used only under a doctor’s supervision if you are taking drugs for chemotherapy because it increases the activity of some cancer chemotherapeutic agents. Do not take L-theanine with cholesterol lowering medications.

So my question is, does this mean our HU, is it a real chemo drug?


If and I will ask my heme, he always says we just don't know enough about how these things work together

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  • Hi, yes my consultant told me that Hydroxy is a chemo drug when he put me on it and Macmillan website says "Hydroxycarbamide is a chemotherapy drug used to treat chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) and other cancers". Best wishes, Frances.

  • Someone else who can't sleep eh Frances. . . 😪😪😪 , , might try get an hour before brekky. . .

  • Thanks Frances, that's what I was afraid of

  • Ay Up DH65. Simple answer is yes. HU is a cytotoxic drug listed on cancer.gov cancer drug list (as Hydroxyurea). I've always considered HU a very mild or low dose type of cancer drug as opposed to some of the full on stuff I had in preparation for my BM Transplant.

    There's some technical stuff ont Web about combining the two but I would stick to your plan and ask.

    Cheers Chris

  • Hi Chris, Yes, I'll ask. There's always so much to consider. It's a lot to keep straight sometimes.

  • Yes it's a weak form of chemotherapy so I've read.

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