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Hydroxy before surgery


I'm having my kidney removed due to cancer on the 12th of December. I seen the haemotologist today as requested by the surgeon. My platelets were 1,000,042 and I've been put on hydroxy for two weeks to lower them for obvious reasons before surgery. He also gave me anti sickness pills but said I may well not need them, hopefully I don't !

It will be interesting to see how far they drop. Obviously with only having one remaining kidney I asked about future usage of hydroxy as I have read somewhere that it's not kidney friendly. He said it was safe to use and did not damage kidneys. Anyone know about any issues regarding this ?

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Hi Conno61, I do hope you get through your surgery successfully with no problems, I do have PV and take Hydroxy every night and still my kidneys work like fury . Don't know how it affects other people but it's fine with me. Good Luck.

Hi conno61

I have taken hydroxy for over 3 years. I have never needed anti sickness pills. My platelets went from 900 to 500 ( I'm in the UK ) in 4 weeks with just one tablet 500 mg per day. I have never been advised of it not being kidney friendly.

Good luck with the op, I hope it all goes well for you with a good recovery.

Judy x

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Thank you. He's put me on two tablets a day. I was classed as low risk and 54 so I've only been taking aspirin.

Hi Ian, I haven't heard of any adverse side-effects on the kidneys from taking hydroxy. I would have thought two hydroxy a day will get your platelets down fairly quickly.

I wish you all the best for the 12th of December.

Mary x

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