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Just popping my head in

Good morning my MPN family. Haven't posted for so long but I do read everyone's posts every day.

Celebrated my 55 birthday at the end of October. Getting closer to the dreaded 60's which I am dreading as it seems that's the age everything kicks off with PV. So far my check ups have been spot on, in fact my Haemo told me that if she had any gold stars I would have one lol.

Only problem I have had is I have a reoccurrence of Tri-Gemminal Neuralgia which I last had 20 years ago. I first thought I was having the pain in my head because of all the craft work I was doing so I went to the opticians to get my eyes tested. I knew it was TGN when I couldn't even bear for the optician to touch my eyelids. One dose of the anti convulsive tablets the doc prescribed and the pain was gone, or should I say it was under control.

Other than the overwhelming tiredness and joint pain I have had no other problems with my PV, touch wood.

My lovely mum, who lives with us, just celebrated her 93rd birthday, bless her. The house looked beautiful with all the flowers. She is in better health than me lol.

Anyway, just thought I would pop my head in the door to say hi to everyone. Keep up the fight my friends xxxxxx

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My haematologist told me my counts would jump when I got to 60 and they did! How did they know??!! 😳😳 I keep saying I'm only 35 but the platelets obviously weren't listening! Hope you can keep your pain under control.

I know what you mean about your mum, I have a 94 year old friend who is hard to keep up with, she shoots round the supermarket like a rat up a drain pipe, leaving me and my arthritic knees far behind! 😄

Lizzie xx


Hi nice to see you have a fab weekend xx


Good luck - hope the counts stay down. Best wishes to your mum on her birthday also. Mine lived to be 94, something I'm aiming for but not sure if I will achieve. All good wishes.


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