Assessment Complete

Assessment Complete

Its just a waiting game now.....

So I had all the tests and told that I was in really good condition, my blood test have all come back good but they are deceptive because my spleen and kidneys are working there butts off to keep me well. They also said that it wont progress like some other people but will deteriorate very quickly.....that when I have relapses my liver stops working completely, so they agree that I need to have a transplant but they now need to decide when, if they put me on the list no there is a 2 year wait anyway and if they wait the waiting time will just get longer and I may relapse during that time.....

So we shall keep our fingers crossed and hope they decide to go ahead now, if not then it is what it is.....

It did get pretty boring at the hospital and a bit over whelming but I tried to keep my spirits up.....

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  • Only just saw your posts thinking of you and hoping all goes well please keep us informed we all routing for ya xx

  • Me too , i only just seen your post, good luck and hope all goes well , its good that tests they have done are all okay best wishes Holly x

  • Good luck Chelle, I hope you get the outcome that's right for you.

    Judy x

  • It must have been a hard day for you .

    Everything crossed that you get on the list straight away and get a perfect match very quickly


  • Wishing you the best possible outcome Chelle. What a lot you have to contend with at such a young age.

    Al the best

    Mary x

  • Wishing you all the best Chelle. You are very supportive and helpful on here and I'm sure everyone appreciates it. Good luck to you xx

  • Good luck Chelle, I hope they do what's right for you. All the best, Karen xx

  • Wishing you good luck and the best of health in the future XX


  • Thinking of you Chelle - love your pic, a real fashion statement. I wonder if it will catch on.

  • Hi Chell, nice photo. I hope that it all happens so much quicker for you and that you stay well until it does. Stay positive, we all know how strong you are. Mel x

  • So that's me on the transplant list! Thank you all for your lovely comments. Long road ahead xx

  • How's it going my sweet x

  • Hey Shelly....well I am still waiting - I think I have been forgotten about...ha so two years I know is not a very long time to wait, but when your waiting for something that will eventually one day come and chances are for me it wont be for 18 months + its like forever.....On the upside my boss knows, I wrote my notice out ready to hand to him and he told me to put it away, he will sort something out...but I am not leaving.

    How are you? Do you have plans for the weekend? xx

  • Sorry your still waiting and think your boss is fab if you concerned contact your specialists secretary they normally very helpful and reassuring lovely to hear you sound so positive you an inspiration to us all and thus weekend am out with friends and sorting garden for winter what are your plans for this cold Nov weekend x

  • I know they haven't forgotten about me really, I just have to wait, there's much sicker people than me....much sicker. My time will come.

    This weekend I have the pleasure of looking after my two nephews (9 & 3) and my niece who is 11 for the day on Saturday and then my mum is cooking a family roast (last one of the year until Christmas day) on Sunday. So a busy weekend before leading into a busy week again.

    I hope the weather stays bright for you, nothing better than a crisp winter (is it winter now...) day. Keep warm with hot chocolate xx

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