Vein Vibration

No, I'm not crazy, but my veins really do vibrate pretty often. mostly from my knees down but often all over. Once I was getting a phlebotomy, and as the nurse tried sticking me she felt the vibration, as well. I looked at her and asked if she felt it to. She was almost panicked about it.

Does anyone have this going on? Or even know what causes it?


...have a lovely weekend y'all.


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  • Carol I get this too! It sounds gross but its like I can physicallly feel the blood going through my veins and it really makes me cringe!

  • Noodles, that's exactly what it feels like! I thought I'd lost it, that my imagination was getting to me. I've meant to ask one of my Drs but its one of those things I forget about of course. Thanks for the reply!


  • At my last venesetion the nurse doing it said she'd hit a valve as she could feel a vibration. I couldn't feel anything. The nurse didn't seem bothered about it and the blood came out as normal and the I've had no effects after it

    As I say I didn't feel it and I've never felt it before or after.

  • I'm surprised you couldn't feel it Mark. That's just as well. It doesn't hurt, just sometimes feels odd, strange. Thanks for the reply!


  • Hi Litefootes,

    You definitely are not crazy, I get lots of vibrating sensations manly in my thigh, I often go for my mobile as I think it is vibrating in my pocket, and it isn't ! Some times it happens in my calf and upper arms, I was seen by a neurologist and had some muscle electro tests the results were all within normal range,I have been given various explanations surgesting it is to do with having too many blood cells fighting for position as they flow round ! Who knows, I ignore it now and am confident it is nothing to worry about.

    Have Fun,


  • Oh good, I was hoping I wasn't crazy, ourlife! I'm glad to see that others have this sensation as well. When I mention it to friends or family they look at me oddly. Good to hear you had it checked out and w good results, because I really didn't want to go on a hunt for trouble. I did assume it was due to thick blood, and it sounds like that is what it is. I'm also going to assume that its going to be fine! :)

    Thanks for the reply.


  • OMG, Carol...never heard of such a thing! Like they say, "Each one of us is different". I have bad venous reflux and nerve pain in my legs, and I'll fall down if I close my eyes for more than a blink (Romberg positive), and I'm a very difficult "stick" for any phlebotomist, but haven't felt any vibrations. God bless you, Girl.

  • Oh its all good, jerry, its not exactly painful nor is it the worst of the symptoms of pv. The total exhaustion is so much more intolerable. BUT.... if you wake up and can get out of bed each morning... its a blessing.

    Thanks for the reply!


  • Thanks, Carol. I read the obits, and if I don't find my name...I get up. 😉

  • I get this sensation mainly in my legs, its so hard to explain to people without sounding loony! On some bad days I get it all over, it feels so weird.

  • It does feel weird, and sometimes sort of uncomfortable. I usually get up and do stretches or walk around to distract myself, if nothing else. SO glad to know I'm not the only one!

    Thanks for the reply Capri


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