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Hi to all. Just a query.

Re Bmb . How long did you have to wait for the result of a bmb. I had another one a few weeks ago , I was climbing the walls after 4 weeks with no news from my heamo, A week later I rang her secretary , she said " oh no we haven't sent you a letter, but it all appears ok" Eventually received a letter to My Gp cc to me.

I am not normally a wus but I was not easy to live with whilst waiting to hear.. Anyone else have to wait that long or is this normal.?

Best wishes Sandy.

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I was lucky then, was told I needed a bmb and had it within a week. I go back tomorrow for results of that and the ultrasounds so all in all it has taken about a month.


Thank you Jane


Where do you live? I'd put more pressure on your consultant and /or GP if you're not happy. It is your health. Good luck xx


I have regular bmbs ie every couple of years. When that appoinment is made another one is also scheduled to tell me the results 2 weeks later. I wouldn't be able to wait any longer than that just in case things had deteriorated - on one occasion they had! Stay in control. Say that you prefer to get your results face to face and before the letter is sent to your GP. And I don't believe any secretary has the right to pass on such important results and certainly not in such a casual manner.


Thank you Eadaoin

. I do agree we need to know and have the right to know about our condition. I am afraid my heamo works on the premise that I don't need to be fed info. This wonderful site and forums we attend are my source of knowledge and help in educating me ..for which I am so grateful.

Regards Sandy


Hey... :)


Methinks that you might have some rather lazy people not really taking care of your needs.

Thus far, I have only had the one BMB, and I had the results in 5 working days, at that time.

However, my specialist can also be a tad slack responding to my email updates etc...

However, I must also remind myself that she is likely taking care of quite a few other patients too, and maybe I need to be a tad more patient...

But I agree, it is especially frustrating waiting on results...

Best wishes and happy that your results were all good.




Thank you For your response Steve. I do try to be patient as there are other patients with far greater needs than mine. But got myself into a state with the lack of communication . So my fears were unecessary thank goodness.

I read your very articulate posts, we are so lucky to have this wonderful site where we can share our good bits and bad bits.

Best wishes Sandy .


Hey Sandy... :)

Agreed, it is such a satisfying way for us to be able to deal with our various conditions.

I find it simply astounding at times, just how little is known about this condition...

I am hoping to broaden MPN's awareness down here in Oz, in due course...

Have an excellent day Sandy :)



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