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Random and weird skull creases

I too have recently discovered weird creases developing in my skull. First was the back of the head, by the neck running side to side, in March. I talked to my doctor in June and we did an MRI. Nothing showed up. She assumed it's a fatty tumor, which wouldn't show up on an MRI. I've been monitoring it. Seems like it's stretching out more. Last week I felt this tickle on top, like a big was in my hair. This went on for 2 days. Today I notice another crease and bump on the top of my head. About 3 fingers long. Anyone have any answers? My MRI didn't show anything. Gp didn't seem concerned.

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I too have creases in the top of my skull. When I went to my GP I was initially laughed at when I said I thought my skull was changing shape. Anyway I was sent for a head X-ray and it said I have a venous lake and was told it's s fine and to live with it. However I didn't feel well and saw another doctor. This time I was sent for a head CT scan and was told I had a few benign lesions on top of each other, this made parts of my skull feel soft. Again I was told they are ok. Fortunately this time I had a series of blood tests and found my platelets were high.

I now know I have ET.

Some days though I can feel blood pumping over the top of my skull. I may go back and see my neurologist one day just for a check up. I hope this helps.

If you are not happy with your doctor making assumptions ask to see another doctor and be referred to a neurologist.

Hope this helps.



I have just posted elsewhere on this. I get something that feels similar with vasculitis. It was accompanied by migraine and vertigo generally feeling sick and fatigued. Not sure if this is of any hel0 to you.


It's crazy how we are laughed at and told its nothing. What is ET?


My head feels so warm and sensitive. In warm weather

I hav. ET


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