Hi Maz,

This is a question for you. I would like to donate the £40 to MPN Voice received from the recent survey and wondered the best way to do this? I am so grateful for all the advice, help and support I have been given throughout the years, it is the least I can do. I will be trying to hold a coffee morning later on this year too but need knee replacement surgery now, so not sure when I will do this.

Hope you are well, kindest regards Aime x😺😺😺

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  • Hi Aime, thank you so much, that is very kind and generous of you. You can donate online via our website, using a debit or credit card,

    or if you prefer to send a cheque the details are also on our website

    hope all goes well with your knee replacement, I am keeping very well thank you. Maz x

  • Hi maz,

    I paid in the donation by credit card over the secure link. Hopefully I will also get my coffee morning done later on in the year. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺😺

  • So someone actually got the promised £40. Amazing .....I filled in the survey and didn't even get a confirmation of the payment.

  • Me too bordeauxgirl. I also wanted to donate it to MPN Voice??

  • Still waiting for my payment but they said 2-4 weeks so still within that..! Paid my £40 to MPN Voice in the meantime...

  • Got my payment today

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