ET and alcohol

I have ET and been on Hydroxy and aspirin for about a year now, I'm 41 and male.

I find that my alcohol tolerance level has dimished, I tend to get drunk much quicker when I'm out for a quiet social drink with mates where as I used to be able to handle my drink, I also suffer much worse the next day now. It's getting to the point I don't want to meet up for a drink as I know the next day will be a wipeout with extreme fatigue.

Does anyone think this is linked to my Medication or condition or could it be I'm getting too old for it now.

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  • Hi Stevenjust I am interested in your comments and resulting question as Ive been passionate about beer from being a young guy and that was the first question I asked a specialist at Manchester 'can I still drink copious amounts of beer'. His response was along lines of if I was you with PMF now I wouldnt be too concerned about having a drink providing it doesnt cause an adverse reaction with the HydroxC.

    You dont specify what amount youre talking about and whether you go out just once a week or fortnight etc. I drink regularly- 3xa week- with guys who might have up to ten pints which would have been a tad too much for me regardless. I was 'lucky' - in my view- that I can comfortably still sink 6 or 7 without any noticeable difference than before and get up ok the next morn. I do need to get up in the night to let some away a tad more but that could be age related. I dont drink any spirits.

    So it could be that you are experiencing some intolerance, you're far too young to be getting too old for it, and your condition could be affecting the way you process the alcohol. In any event you sound like a 'cheap date' now so put thats a plus point LOL. You could always intersperse your alcohlic drinks with a J2O or something or maybe have a couple shandy to finish with. Take care bud

  • Hello stevenjust,

    Well, I think I am getting old, that is reason number one, for me.

    Now, for me it depends on what I am drinking. Red wine is absolutely fine. I cannot say I get drunk quicker but I guess it would be cheaper that way ;-). When I drink, I also have the same amount of water. So, 1 glass of wine=1 glass of water. Seems to work fine. Before I go to bed= another glass of water.

    Also, when we go for a party where I know it will be a late night, I make sure I have something to eat before the very first drink. Even if it is just yoghurt I make sure my stomach isn't empty.

    My doctor said it was ok to drink (well, within reason)and I love a glass of red, so I am enjoying it. I guess it might be all three, age, medication and E.T....

    You could try the "have water at the same time"trick and something to eat before?

    Hope you can enjoy a nice social drink with your friends again! It would be a shame if you had to stop.

  • I do this too Swede. Definitely lessens the after affects and helps me feel better after a night out.

  • stevenjust,

    I am around the same age as you and feel exactly the same. I have never really drank much but on the rare occasion that I do have a few my tolerance seems reduced.

    I believe my medication contributes somewhat to my lack of tolerance as I am on a few things that are known to affect your liver like statins and aspirin but I think JR and Swede have a point in suggesting it could also be an age thing.

  • Hi stevenjust,I'm a 43 year old male and enjoy a pint,I defiantly get drunk quicker than I used to! I now only drink once a week while playing in the local darts league,If I'm not feeling to good before we start I set a limit of 4 pints or the next day will be a wash out! I also need to get up 2-3 times during the night for a wee. I am fortunate that all my drinking buddies are aware of my condition and are not worried how much I drink,while on a recent trial I did not drink for 2-3 months,this did not stop me enjoying my night out nor did I feel any better for not drinking! We all have different limitations please don't let yours stop your enjoyment of life or beer, Cheers and have fun.

  • Hiya,

    I can so relate to this. I used to be able to drink wine (pinot) and feel ok next day. For the last year I have had to cut right back as the next day I feel shocking all day. That is having had 2 glasses! Does frustrate me as love a drink but really have to think now before I pour one. I believe it is down to the chemo and ET. I already feel lousy when I wake up so having a drink just compounds the situation! :-(

  • yes, I too suffered horribly the next day, so I am still sociable but do not touch alcohol!!

  • I was exactly the same with wine, so now I drink Gin & Tonic and I don't experience any hangovers, I think it is probably the fact I drink it in a tall glass with lots of ice and slimline tonic. I don't drink on a school night lol thats our term for Mon-Fri, but I do like a drink at weekend, with friends and family.

  • Having the build of a stick insect I've never really been that tolerate of alcohol so have never drunk too much. Saying that, I'm on the same drug regime (plus a couple of others) as you've mentioned and been encouraged by my doc to take the odd glass - especially red wine. No difference in after effects whatsoever but then I might only take a glass or two in a week (if I'm lucky !).

  • When I started on HU I was advised to avoid alcohol completely. I now find that a single drink can make my face flush and I feel lightheaded so I almost avoid it otutof preference now. Alcohol causes dehydration and that is definitely to be avoided with any MPD so alternating alcohol with water might seem like a good plan?

  • oops! above typo should read "out of" - no I haven't been drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi all, I have ET and am hydroxi too - I've experience exactly the same as stevenjust. it's a real shame because I do love wine! Red wine seems fine at the moment, white wine has started to give me a screaming headache though. It's weird, it almost starts as I'm drinking it, so I'm steering well clear of that these days. Don't stop going out stevenjust, it's important to keep your mates and your social life going. The 1 x drink 1 x water is a good idea. It's the dehydration that all MPD-ers have to keep in mind, water, water and more water! But alcohol too! Enjoy the weekend x

  • Hiya guys. My hubby has PV and as soon as he went on hydroxy his beer tolerance dropped. Not good as was in Army!!! He now has to drink shandy so is quite a cheap date, 4 pints being the "safe" limit.....anything over causes massive hangover and worse fatigue. He is determined not to give in and keeps going!! Think it may be due to the dehydrating nature of booze!!

  • I can also get a bad hangover headace feeling some mornings even when I have not had a drink at all the night before, I put it down to the Hydrox tablets, I large glass of water usually helps. I agree with the others water is the trick ...drink the same amounts on an evening out and you will feel OK the next day.Have a long glass with ice & lemon lt looks like a gin & tonic.

  • I must say some mornings i wake up with a hangover then realise I havent had a drink!! must be the meds.....

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