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Pain relief for nerve damage??

I posted a pic of my horrible toe a couple of weeks ago, it's still horrible with no sign of healing. I've had it for a couple of months now, I wish I'd known to get it seen to straight away. However the podiatrist tells me the horrendous pain I get from it is nerve damage, GP prescribed Amitriptyline, I've been taking 3 a day for a week now without any relief so far.

The pain is constant, I can't get any shoes on, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to walk more than a few steps, can anyone recommend anything for pain relief. My foot feels as though someone is pressing a red hot iron on it!

I haven't got to get it wet, which means the swimming I was doing to help my arthritis has stopped and I have to wear a protective cover to shower.

I've tried frozen peas wrapped in a cloth, that doesn't help. I'm getting stir crazy not being able to go anywhere!

Any advice appreciated, thank you in advance.

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Hi Lizzie, sorry to hear you're still suffering with your toe - I've just 're-read your previous posts and wanted to suggest Manuka honey, the strongest one, 25, to apply directly to the toe and also to take a couple of spoonfuls a day to help heal it from the inside and outside. In New Zealand it's used very successfully to treat ulcers and tastes good too! Worth looking into. Hope it helps, Christine


Thank you. I'll give that a try!

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Hi Lizzie, so sorry to hear that your toe is still not healing, it is so frustrating, as Christine has said Manuka Honey has amazing healing properties.

I know it's not the same but one of my cats had a nasty bite (from a fight) and the vets suggested Manuka honey, it really worked, would not of believed it, but it healed amazing stuff. Also in the past I have used lavender oil or t tree oil, on anything that has a fungul infection this has also helped. But not sure it can be used on your toe, especially as it looked like an open wound.

Keep your chin up 😉



Thankyou! X


Hi Lizzie, I can't believe you're still suffering with your toe it looked so very painful. I've been on the internet as my hubby suffers terribly with sores on his leg and I came across a homeopathic cream called Emuaidplus. Google it and have a good read it sounds like a wonder cream. It's very expensive but seemingly you don't need a lot especially for the area you're looking at. Hubby won't let me order it as he would need it for the whole leg. I'm going over to the UK in a couple of weeks and will hit the health shops to see if I can find a cheaper option. This is also down to the bees what would we do without them?? I so hope it's something that would work for you you're really going through the mill. Good luck.

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Thank you


I've tried to submit a reply but button won't submit. Now I've lost long answer. Can you help Maz?


now its worked. Just have to re-type last reply.


Hi Lizziep,

Speak to your haem and gp about gabapentin.

Worked for me.

All the best



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