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Hi I have ET and taking baby aspirin and hydroxy. I seem to have developed pain in my big toe! Does anybody know if I am allowed to take ibroprofen with the tablets I am on? I just want a quick fix as I am decorating at the moment! Many thanks. Michael

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Hi Michael, sorry to hear that you have a painful toe, you should see your GP about it as he/she can check why you have this pain and advise on suitable medication/pain relief. With regards to Ibuprofen, aspirin can interact with Ibuprofen so you must ask your GP or your pharmacist to check before you take it, or any other pain relief medication. Hope it gets better soon, Maz.

Hi. I have PV and been told by my Proffessor that I can no longer take any form of NSAID painkillers as it interferes with what the asprin is doing so use cocodamol or similar products if you are able to take them

Thank you for your replies :) much appreciated. I am due my regular appointment with hemo in a week or two so hopefully he can sort it! I hope it's not gout!!

Get it checked out. Gout is a know complication of taking hydrea. My consultant put me on allopurinol cover for a couple of months?!

Further to my last. Gout mainly affects the big tie!!

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Good advice from Maz retromicky, as always.

I'd say get it checked by your GP for reassurance, ahead of your appointment with the heam.

Hi I have ET and also get pains in my big toe and take ibuprofen and hydroxy . I also use ibuprofen gel. My doc sanctioned.

all the best Town Crier

My pain in my big toe is what actually lead to my diagnosis of ET. It is Erythromelagia. Google it, it is actually a symptom of ET.

Thank you all for your comments. I am now on my second bout of gout since my post 2 months ago, but on my (this little piggie stayed at home) toe instead. It seems like any little knock to the toes from swimming or any gentle exercise triggers it off, with a combination of certain types of food (spicey in particular)!! The Doctor gave me Naproxen for the pain, which seems to help, plus I found an ice pack helped to reduce the swelling (frozen peas actually).

My platelets are around the 300 - 400 mark now which is good (my highest reading back in October was 1500, so the Hydroxycarbomide seems to be doing it's job. I also take Aspirin with a stomach protector called Omeprazole...does anyone else on here take Omeprazole, and do you think it's necessary?? Oh and finally (sorry if this is quite a long post) I have now been told I have high blood pressure and have been prescribed Amlodipine....whatever next!!!???

My hematologist put me on alliprinol with Hydrea because as the platelets die they create Uric acid which in turn causes gout:/ You may want to let your DR know; you may have gout.

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