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Venesections for ET ?

After nearly 14 years with ET I have had my first venesection today as my PCV and HB were classed too high, platelets at 433.Reading past posts it seems this procedure is more common with PV. Has anyone else with ET had experience of venesections? I am worried that my platelet count may increase, after all my body will replenish what has been taken,and if my bone marrow is over active anyway will it it go into overdrive ? Or am I worrying needlessly?

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I have ET. I have never had venesection. Don't know what they are. Prayers for you.


Hi, I have the same for PV/ET but also on Interferon as platelets have reached 1300. i wouldn't worry, as far as I understand venesections are to control the HB, they do increase the platelets on a temp basis.


Hello, I agree with BlessedWithSix, I have E.T but never had that and never talked about it...Hope you wont feel to tired or ill.


Hi ,

i have had ET for nearly 20 years , about the last 10 I have had about 4 to 6 venesections

a year , However I only have them when i go over 450 heamacrit.

otherwise i keep well and often feel much better .

its only the same as giving blood

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Similar for me - I've had two venesections in the last year. I suspect it will continue on this sort of basis. As I understand it to keep my hematacrit down when in nears 0.50. Can't say I've noticed an increase as a result though. My platelets are hovering aroung 850.


My husband had ET and he has had a few venesections over the past year, usually when his haematocrit is up a bit. He has no problems with it and says its just like giving blood and doesn't take long. Hope this helps and reassures you.


Sorry husband "has ET" not "had"!!!!


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