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Anyone fancy sponsoring a guide dog puppy?

Anyone fancy sponsoring a guide dog puppy?

We've just sponsored a guide dog puppy called Biscuit for £9 a month.

The biggest dread of my life is losing my sight and so I felt that the least I could do is help those who are tragically in that position.

If you have a few bob to spare every month, perhaps you could think of doing this too? Guide dogs for the blind aren't government funded and rely solely on voluntary contributions. See

MPN voice is incredibly important to all of us, but I think we mustn't lose sight ( no pun intended) of the fact that there are many folk a lot worse off than we are.

Hope you're all tip top.



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You know what Louise, I would love to sponsor one. Thanks for the info xx


I have sponsored domino, a cute black lab. I chose the black one as statistically black dogs are overlooked in rescue kennels so domino was the one for me. I also have a standing order for Westie Rescue as we are Westie mad. Feel good that I have done that today, thank you xx


That's brilliant! Good for you - it does make you feel good doesn't it?

I shall do more for guide dogs even if it's only shaking a tin on a street corner. There's always someone worse off than us.....x


Yey! Well done you! Even if one more person joins in it will help.

Naps so much you're a star. xxxxx



That should say thanks not naps......oh dear no hope.


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