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Read today's Sunday Times, main section page 10

Hi everyone,

Suggest you read an article in today's Sunday Times, main section page 10 - you can probably find it online.

Titled "Don't trust your cancer doctor" and an interview with a former world health organisation chief called Karol Sikora who had worked in the NHS for more than 40 years ( OK we all know that newspapers can print hellish amounts of rubbish but in this case ......)

I'm not going to try and repeat the content of the whole article here, but found out myself 3 years ago that it was time to take my own health in hand when a locum haematologist tried to send me packing for two months with a massive headache and a haematocrit of 50 .

I decided to jump ship and find better care which I have done in the superb Christie hospital in Manchester where I DO have a doctor and nurses I can trust.

As one campaigner in this article says " you think there is a clear road map. No one tells you how proactive you have to be"

" to avoid being lost in the system he advises patients that they, their relatives and friends must start off by becoming extremely well informed about the particular cancer they're suffering from"

Hear hear.



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Thanks Lou, i'll be picking up a copy. X


Thank you Louise ,😀


Hear, hear from me too.


Hi Loubprv,

How true, I remember asking about alternative treatment and the Dr rolling his eyes like a fruit machine and saying " well stop your medication and then see what happens " as his only response. I sought a second opinion and have never looked back.

Good Luck



Hi Lou. I agree! I have monthly blood tests and I phone the day unit 48 hours later to get all my results. I probably drive them mad as I ask for a dozen different results but I want to know what is going on, so that I have some control. Mel x


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