BLOOOOOOD SHUGGGARS. Don't worry I'm not being rude I forgot to mention a couple of things last post , I'm now having to inject 20mg Insulin every morning due to steroid drug causing high Blood Sugar. Not bad early AM at 10 -15 but can be towards or over 30 by bedtime. The thing is I have strict instruction to trough as much as poss to get my weight up and they have threatened a supplementary feeding tube which im not keen about.

My weight was just 5.10 a few weeks ago but is now 6.10 after many good meals, snacks, puddings which invariably means sugar intake. The good thing is the steroid could reduce next week if my liver readings are improved.

It's not all doom as I became a Grandad again 3 weeks ago to a wee man called Eli. I'm cock a hoop though I haven't seen him in the flesh as my son lives away. But I can't wait to hold him in my arms. Life goes on. Cheers guys. . . .

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  • And through it all you have kept your sense of humour !

    Congratulations on becoming a grandad again and hope you get to see him soon . Love his name .

    I see you're still down with the kids with a cool beard .

    You are a massive inspiration .

    Helen xx

  • Hmm you best ask my long suffering wife about that as I'm sure if my wheelchair had a ejector button I would be in orbit x

  • Congratulations Chris to granda and grandma. I am about two weeks off another grandchild too, it's the best job in the world! You are looking a lot better than u were. Good your weight is rising, I can try sending you some!😋. All the best with e-hugs of course to you and your wife. Love and best wishes Aime xxx😺😺😺😺😺

  • Ever so glad to see that smiley face again . Although I have lost 1.5 stone this year, like Aime, I can sure send you the other 2 I need to lose.

    Congratulations on the arrival of Eli. Best thing ever being a Grandparent. Wait till you have Great grandchildren like me, it's even better. Massive huggle Chris.

    Anne X

  • I said you were a fighter Chris, all this proves it. MANY MANY congratulations on the birth of Eli. An exceptionally good reason to keep fighting. God Bless Janice

  • Congratulations to you both and Eli's parents. Well done for gaining some weight Chris, high fat puddings would have to be better than a feeding tube any day. I wish you well. Mel x

  • Nice to see you again-- looking good. Congratulations on the grandson, that is lovely. Yes, puddings sound a lot better than a feeding tube. Its good to hear of your progress.

  • Nice that you`re back in your computer chair again and posting. Congratulations on becoming a granddad again, hope you see him soon. All this horror you have been through must some upsides and having to stuff yourself with sweet stuff must be one of them. Go too it kiddo!!

  • Just munched slice carrot cake and egg custard (sugars @ 17.4) . . Now where's those yogurts hiding ?? x

  • Congratulations Chris,lots of luck with everything else,think you look good actually.Eighty degrees here ,in the shade on my verandah,so some of the sunshine and warmth to you,Bon Courage,xxxSally

  • Congratulations on the birth of baby Eli! Hope he is in your arms soon. Keep eating the puddings & keep fighting. As many have already said, you are an inspiration to us all. X

  • Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your new grandson Eli, they bring such joy don't they, let's hope you can see him soooooon. Sounds as if you are having to eat lots of lovely food to gain this weight, and I bet once you are back to normal they will be telling you to loose it, and that in its self is a bit unfare just when you are getting used to it. We are always being told to eat well, drink plenty of water, keep fit, well as best we can in the circumstances, but just for once it must be really nice to just let go and enjoy really good food, a couple of glasses of wine, (in my case) or a glass of beer in yours, so here's to the future Chris. 🍷🍻

    Oh and by the way your are looking remarkable well considering what you are going through.

    Jean x

  • I wouldn't have recognised you Chris. The picture is a vast improvement on the one you posted from hospital. It's bad luck getting diabetes from your steriod treatment because of all the extra challenges it brings. It will be great if they reduce your steroid intake so that your blood sugar comes down a bit. You and your wife have enough to contend with. You have come such a long way now and welcomed another grandchild too. Its not easy always for our loved ones to have to live with our MPNs as well as ourselves and you are yours have been to hell and back. The last sentence should "you and yours" of course but the website is not letting me correct errors so I apologise. If I persevere trying to correct them I lose my whole post and have to start again. Anyway I just thought I'd ask you all to join in with a huge vote of thanks to all our loved ones who put up with us and all our problems. Aren't they great?

  • They surely are. I would be lost without my wife and family support. Good shout. . . 👍

  • Well done congratulations all the way from australia goid on you. Grandkids are so awesome

    Cheers to you


  • Now thats what I call a brave face, You look better than some of our "Wednesday club" at closing time !

    Congratulations on becoming a grandad again,

    Good luck,


  • Congratulations on becoming a grandad again. I like grandchildren, you can send them back when you're fed up of them! Hope you can soon reduce your drug intake. As for weight, I'll send you details of the slimming diet I'm on - it seems to have the opposite effect on me 😳.

    Best wishes to you and yours


  • Congratulations Chris on your new grandson. The others are right - you do look so much better! Enjoy all the goodies while you can and I hope they reduce your steroids soon.

    Karen x

  • Are you allowed to have a beer and takeaway to boost the weight - if I remember correctly it was one of your wishes a while back!

    Take care granddad.


  • Thanks buddy. Hmm because of liver issues and associated liver drugs advised not to indulge however I had half a pilsner yesterday as a treat. It tasted really strong, a weird taste sensation for me. My first beer since last August. As for takeout I'm fussy about where my grub is sourced and prefer all home cooked where we can try to control the ingredients. Doesn't mean it lacks calories though. Mind you good fish and chips would be welcome but not that easy to come by locally. Cheers

  • Actually - unfortunately - I was only joking; I'm well aware of the dietary limitations and precautions that you (we) need to apply. Like you I'm still 'advised' to consume achool only as a treat/luxury item.

    I went back over to the UK for the first time since August and had my first Fish&chips, it was worth waiting for.

    It was funny at the customs explaining my wheelbarrow of medication; wearing latex gloves and a face mask is also a fantastic way of getting space, and peace & quiet on the train when travelling!

    Are you the nurses Sugar-Daddy !?


  • Hi Chris. How lovely-a little grandson. I know how you feel as my only granddaughter lives in San Francisco. I have to say though that her parents are very good at posting pictures of her and video clips too. With that and FaceTime calls I feel I know her quite well. They might be returning to UK this year😀 If my son gets his hoped for promotion

    As for you - the sense of humour does not seem to have lost the weight like you have! Please send our best wishes to your wife as we would be supporting her too if she posted here as well. Maybe you keep her away from here deliberately!!

    Keep up the carrot cake. That's one of my parner's favourites and he rates them out of ten whenever he has some. His current leader comes from a small garden centre near us and is made for them by a local lady. He rates the Co-op one quite highly too!

    It is so good to see you back here. I don't know if you realise how worried some of us have been about you! Hope you get the drugs down to a better level soon. Take great care.

    Jan xx

  • Thanks friend. My wife has access to the forum and oft reads my responses, noting it's mainly ladies of course !! 😉. I knew you guys would be concerned re my absence but I truly lost my way and was very poorly for a time, totally lacking energy and losing the will to communicate coupled with WiFi problems. So apology for being off radar. Hopefully things are looking up.

    I hope things work out and you get to see your family this year. , Chris xx

  • Hey! I think you look great, a bit like some film star who's been in hiding for a month or two! Lovely news Chris enjoy your new grandson.

    We're all rooting for you, keep eating the puds....


  • Congrats on a little angel a blessing Eli and that you are getting better. Keep going you can fight all that.

    Wishing you well.

  • whew, jolly well missed you!

  • So good to see you Chris! Keep the faith and a strong family and friends are such a blessing. Praying for you!

  • Hi Chris ,oh you are a trooper ,with what your going through, yes bet you are chuffed having a new grandson, couldnt be better news eh to cheer you and raise your spirits ,nice when you get an excuse to enjoy eating all the goodies to get your weight back on.also at this time. Take care and all the best Holly

  • 😉 Cheers Holly !!

  • Hi Chris, 'Snap', also having a new grandson, Raphael, 10 days ago, and not yet met him and all the keener for you to be able to cuddle your little Eli....what a blessing these little ones are. May you go from strength to strength and put on those much needed pounds and may the diabetes eventually just take a long walk off a short plank, and leave you well again. As ever, kindest regards to you and to your brilliant wife and we all think you look pretty handsome, despite all you've been through. Tinkerbell13

  • Congratulations! ! And Thank You for your kind words. . . Regards

  • Congratulations grandad...... Love the name Eli. Good to see you too. Hope the insulin can stop soon. Sending love ❤️

  • Congratulations on the on the new grandson - love the name - keep up the good work on the carrot cake xx

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