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still waiting for my transfer to a New hospital with a specialist in MPNs ,

Hi everyone hope your all enjoying the summer weather it sure make me feel good ,

I'm still doing plenty walking to get my fitness to a good standard for the Great North Run in September πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ ... A few have been asking about sponsoring me , I will try to put the

Just giving link on .

And a massive Thankyou to those already sponsored me πŸ’‹

Hope you are feeling well to ,

I'm very busy my grandson is in Spain & I'm missing him terribly, but they left me plenty job in there home ( I must be mad )

So running 2 home's ATM 😱

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Kids are so good at this! While we're away if you can just...... as though you've got nothing else to do. Of course being superwomen we just get on with it!

Good luck with the exercise and run.

Lizzie xx

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Your so right there mind Lizzie

I'm exhausted , I wouldn't have it any other way , us mams are priceless, And they have the cheek to come tonight for a curry 😜 Kids who'd have them X


Can you really live without him Pam!xx

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Hahahah Sally I didn't have a choice they sneeked him out the country ,, he's back today so all is Rosie again X


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