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New Consultant Appointment

Hello all, I hope that you are all feeling well today.

I have had my appointment with a new consultant today - who was really lovely.  She has decided to start back at the beginning again and doing the gene testing, spleen ultrasound and possible BMB.  I feel good that she is taking it seriously and not just telling me that there is nothing wrong and to go away (last consultant said this)

Just a quick question to you - have any of you had your fingers go sort of numb and them turn white?  I have had this happen a couple of times in the last couple of months, with the first time getting pain in my fingers.

Right I must get off to work now.

Hugs to all


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You have described exactly how my fingers sometimes go when it is very cold.

I did mention this to my consultant at my last appointment with her in December and she made a note of this so it must have relevance to our conditions.

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It sounds like Raynaud's phenomenon. I get it as soon as my hands get cold. When I mentioned it to my haematologist she was going to refer me to a rheumatologist but I declined on the grounds that he might want to prescribe yet more drugs!  I usually tuck my hands under my arms to warm them quickly when it occurs as the change back to healthy pink again can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. Several people have mentioned it on various forums but it is not uncommon in the general population so who knows if we are more liable to it? 

Glad you like your new consultant. I should be moving soon and very much like my present consultant so whoever I get next will have a tough act to follow

Best wishes, Jan


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