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Bleeding mouth

I was on the phone last night when my husband started flapping about trying to get my attention.  When I hung up my hubby told me to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  I swear I looked like a vampire who had just had a feast.  My gums were oozing blood and my teeth were covered.  I have read this can happen with PV or MPN's but I was really scared.  I have good dental hygiene and at 54 all my teeth are my own but i have never had this before.  Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be worried?  I am paranoid now and keep swilling my mouthnout with mouthwash.

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Yes I can relate to that , 

I have to be so careful & gentle my gums are very sensitive these days ,

 only last month I shouted to my hubby to check it out , I'm not allowed  to use a electric tooth brush either it's to rough .

It also sets my trigger mental neuralgia off

We are a sensitive bunch  , 

Hope this puts your mind to rest .

Take care love Pam x


I have ET but yes have had times of lots of bleeding from my gums I tend to use Corsodyl or anything similar when like that and my dentist recommends the same and good Aloe Vera when the gums are sore - just happens now and then and seems regardless if it is a patch of good or bad patch with my blood counts - I have been the same with nose bleeds once in a while too - all bits we seem to have happen with MPNs!   X. Ps just noticed your little photo and am smiling as my name is Jill and I have a cute Westie too!!! Yours look gorgeous!! 


Thank you, they are spoilt to bits but I would never be without them.  As I write this they are lying at my feet with their jumpers on watching National Geographic Wild.  They love watching the telly, anything with animals on and they are glued.  We must be the only people around that take doggy dvd's on holiday to keep the dogs amused on rainy days lol x


Hi Jilly, must have been quite a shock, you should get some advice from your dentist as they may be able to advise on a mouthwash to use to help this.  Maz  


thanks Maz, will def. make an appointment though I am quite phobic when it comes to the dentist.  It's not the drilling, it's when they use cold water to flush debris out, it kills my teeth!


I have this problem. Sometimes I can brush my teeth with no blood and then while sitting in a meeting or on the bus find my mouth is full of blood! As a result I was very delicate with my brushing - but the hygienist told me that was wrong - I now use interdental brushes, floss and an electric toothbrush and brush full two minutes each time. Plus Cordsodyl  It has definitely helped. I use the round sensitive head on the toothbrush.


How are your platelets? Low? (Bleeding gums)..


Hi Jill, I've had my mouth fill with blood on a few occasions now and have sensitive gums which always bleed when I brush. I'm 54 as well and have ET. It was scary to me as well at first but now I accept it as part of the condition.



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