The MPN Voice London Marathon Team

The MPN Voice London Marathon Team

On Sunday morning the MPN Voice London Marathon Team, Helen Bass, Sam Beevor and Trevor Buckley, sadly James White has an injury and won't be able to run, will be lining up for MPN Voice, waiting for that klaxon to sound... Waiting to for fill their dreams. Thank you Helen, Sam and Trevor, I know what blood, sweat and tears has gone into your training. Thank you to you, your families and friends for all your wonderful support. We will find that cure.  Good luck to all of you, you are amazing.  

Above is a photo of Samuel Beevor in his MPN Voice running vest with his official marathon number on it.

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  • Good luck guys, thanks for running for MPN Voice, we are all very grateful to you.

  • Good luck to you all and thanks for all your efforts for MPN Voice, it's fantastic xxx

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