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I hope my question does not seem trivial or insensitive to those of you with pain or  discomfort.  I have been taking hydroxy for three weeks now and so far thankfully no side effects other than tiredness.  I have a smattering of grey hair and get by with a touch up at the hairdressers about every three months.  I am a little concerned re using colour on my hair now.  Are there certain types of colour that are safe as I know many are linked to cancer?  I may have to take the plunge and go gracefully grey.

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  • Hi Fionnuaghla, you can use hair colours as long as you and your hairdresser follow the instructions about strand tests etc.  I constantly colour my hair, using bleach and then dyes, it's 5 different shades of blue, so you carry on dying your hair.  Best wishes, Maz

  • Thank you so much Maz.  Glad to hear I can continue.  Five shades of blue eh,  sounds great.  I look forward to seeing you and your hair sometime.

  • Great news Maz because I am not keen to go grey!!!! Thanks Lyn

  • you know Maz I never noticed your hair colouring on your tiny little picture.  Now you mention the colour I have looked and it looks gorgeous.  Let's have a bigger pic so we can see the full effect as it may prompt me to get adventurous.  I don't cover my ever increasing grey but I do have a lot of highlights in to blend it in to my hair more.  I reckon the sucker is going to take over eventually but only when I say lol xx

  • Hi Jilly, actually my hair colour in the picture on here is 3 different shades of purple, I am now in my blue phase, I will put up a picture for you.  As you can probably guess, I don't like to be normal!!! Maz x x 

  • normal is boring Maz, nobody talks about you when your boring! My headstone will read "here lies the brat, she was a wild one".  photo eagerly anticipated xx

  • Hi Fionnuaghla, I have ET and colour my hair two colours in fact, have to keep up appearances I say,  my hairdresser did what Maz told me to do and all was fine, I have my colour done every four weeks, and make sure I use good products to wash my hair to keep it in good condition, so go for it 😃 

  • Thank you Superwoman, that is reassuring.

  • I have ET and take HU and have my hair coloured regularly at the hairdressers. I used to colour it myself but found the home colours didn't seem to take as well once I was on the HU. Ihave 3 colours on my hair, I have them done via foils so I'm not getting colour on my scalp. I have it done every few weeks, it's a nice treat to have someone else do my hair. I use good quality shampoo and conditioner too. Having ET is a good excuse for the occasional pampering session!! 😄

    Best wishes 


  • Thank you Lizzie

  • hi 

    I used to have highlights in my hair but since taking meds have found my already sensitive (for years) skin is now more sensitive and can't do them anymore.  I am also more sensitive to the sun and need a stronger sun factor (not abad thing) 

    So if you can carry on with your colouring, me ...  My highlights are veering on the silver side now 😏

    Good luck 


  • Thank you Helen

  • Hi.  I have been on Hydroxy for four years now and colour my hair all the time.  

    Lesley x

  • Thank you Leslie

  • So glad you cleared that up Maz i was also worried about the hair dyeing. Glad to hear. 

  • My doc says HU causes us to be at greater risk of sun damage. & skin cancer. So I try to be careful. 

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