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Hi Maz

Just a short message to thank you for an excellent forum in Belfast yesterday. All the speakers were so good at getting a serious message across in a way which was easy to understand and as lightly as possible in the circumstances. MPN Voice is to be congratulated for bringing these meeting to us all across the country. It is really valuable to have the opportunity to hear the latest developments first hand and also meet others  and realise we are not alone

A big thank you to all concerned


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Hello Margaret

Thank you so much for this lovely message, we all thought it went really well and to hear you say it just makes it all worthwhile.  Our aim in running the forums is to do exactly as you say, it gives people the opportunity to find out what the medical professionals are doing for us and for people to meet others with MPNs, it can feel very isolating and lonely living with a rare condition and seeing and talking to other people is so helpful.  We hope to come back to Belfast next year.

Thank you so much for coming along and supporting us.  Best wishes, Maz.


Missed it! Agh! 


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