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Blood results shooting up

So I got my HC down to 0.43, hemoglibin to 150 and ok my platlets were stubborn around 450 after my first 6 weeks of venesections but I then stopped  . I've now gone back as I started to get itchy again after a month and my HC is up to 0.50 and hemoglibin to 172 (only plus side is my platlets fell by about 30). So now back to going weekly again.

All a bit depressing; just wondered about others experiences - is this normal (ish)! I'm due to see my consultant tomorrow anyway as it happens so hopefully they can reassure me a little...

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Hi Chris, it is quite often like a roller coaster, you are not alone. Think happy thoughts, that's what I do when feeling down , it helps.  Thinking of you, you are not alone Aime x😺


Thanks aime appreciate it ! I just hope I can stay o just venesections and aspirin as I'm only 40 and with no other symptoms 

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