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Hi was just wondereing if anyone noices there Hair condition changed , mine seems to feel greasy far faster than before , used to have dry hair mostly ! im due at hospital on 17th and have written a few reminders down ,that i want to ask her, i want to take omega fish oil ,im not a great oily fish eater, and am thinking of taking pomegranite pills,which alot people have never heard of ! Just want to help myself stay and look healthy for my years ahead ,i cut down on alcohol and trying to lose few pounds around tummy . who can tell its a new year eh !! haha best wishes all Holly x

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  • I used to have really greasy hair but after I started on

    HU it dried up. At last I didn't have to wash my hair everyday, however over two and a half years later it's started getting greasy again! I have my hair coloured at the hairdressers now, highlights via foils, I used to colour it myself but after starting on the HU it didn't seem to take very well and also made my scalp itchy. I don't want to be grey so I'll continue spending a fortune at the hairdressers! It's also a bit thinner on top than it used to be, but careful styling covers that. I use Dove shampoo and conditioner which seems to leave it in a manageable condition.

    I've also been looking for pomegranate pills, and lost some weight via slimming world, still need to lose a bit more! 😳 My skin is a lot drier than it used to be, that could be age though! I use lots of moisturiser and body lotions.

    Best wishes


  • It seems bizarre but my hair was getting curlier on HU over the years. Now I have been on ruxolitinib for a couple of years it is going much straighter! I mentioned it at the hairdressers and she said people don't realise how much their health affects their hair and they are often able to tell if one of their regulars is unwell even before they are diagnosed. My hair and skin are both very dry. I find that quite amusing as I live in an almost permanently damp atmosphere in Scotland! Plenty of moisturisers and a creamy shampoo.


  • Thank you Ladies, yes i can imagine health and hair go hand in hand,with our health , they sell pomegranite pills in holland & barret Lizzie not cheap i might add ! Thats why my way of thinking we dont mind paying if these and other supplements etc make a difference eh ! 😙

  • I'll have a look in Holland and Barrett next time l go shopping. 😄

  • I got some today £11 55 in capsule form so here goes magic pills haha

  • I'd better get some more of my rubbish, sorry I meant quality used goods, sold on ebay to pay for some!! Lol.

  • Haha good idea, every little helps eh ! Hope you get good return from your used goods 👍

  • Hi Holly-I think it was Twinkly who was singing the praises of pomegranate but was drinking the juice? I've been taking the pills, from H&B, but can't say I've noticed anything mind blowing! Mind you, I haven't had my levels checked since I've been on them so who knows? Trouble is, it's a bit of a cleft stick-if I don't carry on with them will I notice something like a rise in my RBC for example & then how will I know if it's down to the pills?!!! As far as your barnet's concerned, I too don't get greasy hair anymore since I've been on Hydroxy, and still swear by Mane & Tail for making the most of thinning locks!! Much love Holly, Poll X

  • Hi Polly , haha yes barnet problems, i looked up mane n tail shampoo on internet, do you buy it from here? my hair does fall out more last year or so ,im thinking of buying the shampoo ! Yes hope you do see a difference in platelets after paying out for pills , says up to 4 aday, but i may take one or two , after meals all the best Polly love Holly x

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