Iodine allergic reaction?


On Tuesday I had a CT scan just to check everything is ok. As part of the scan I had Iodine injected but since last night my skin has started to go a bit redder and ever so slightly itchy (not much though). I just wondered if it might be an allergic reaction to that? They asked me if I'd had an allergic reaction to iodine but I'm not aware of any.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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  • As a cat scan tech I feel like you may well have had a reaction. How long after your scan did you notice the redness and itching? I have seen a few delayed reactions . Reactions are usually immediate but not always. Let your physician know. The next time you are scanned ask them to pre medicate you. I have been in this field almost 30 years. My exposure to radiation I believe to be the cause of my et and positive jak2.

    Hope this helped

  • Hi Cannonfire,

    My skin started going red on Wednesday evening (Scan on Tue afternoon). Even though it's still blotchy it doesn't itch much. I've got a GP appointment today so will let them know.

  • Hi Mark have you ever had contrast before? I have had it several times just wondering if you reacted due to the meds?. Hope your feeling better!

  • I agree with you cannonfire! I have had an awful lot of exposure to radiation from x-rays, ct scans and pet scans and I do believe in the research that says that could one of the causes. My GP agrees that even low dose radiation can be harmful.

  • I had an CT scan last Sunday which involved an Iodine injection and I too had a reaction to it! It happened to my immediately after my scan. I develoved itching and redness, and quite big lumps on my kneck and chin. (It felt like I was turning into the "Hulk"! They gave me Piriton and the lumps went after a couple of hours. A bit scary at the time, I must say!!

    I was asked if I was allergic to Iodine before the scan, but how am I supposed to know if I've not had it before?? I was not offered a pre med as "cannonfire" suggested?

  • The only thing I would ask about radiation being a possible cause. Why do so few people get a MPN when so many of the population seem to have x-rays, CT scans etc. for all sorts of different ailments?

  • Doctors order way too many needless cat scans here in the states. At our hospital doctors are paid according to the number of tests ordered. The more tests ordered the more money in their pocket. If a doctor orders x-rays or cat scans always always ask if there is another test that could be done. Ultrasound or me do deliver radiation. I hate when people do not question.

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