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MCV level

Hello All,

My GP has recently noticed that my MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) has been increasing. It's at 114.1 and the level should be 82-98.

I have a letter to take to my next Hospital appointment on 02 Dec.

GP says nothing to worry about at this stage and he will await feedback from my consultant.

I am not worried by this, was just intrigued if anyone knew what this was or probable causes, maybe due to drugs I'm on etc.

I am 44 and have ET since 2012, am on Hydroxy 1500mg daily plus aspirin 75mg. My platelets have been rising slightly over the last few appts so have been put back on 2 monthly check ups. Last count was just over 500.



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Hi Steven,

My MCV has also increased since I have been on hydroxycarbomide.

It was around 83, but is now 105. My haematologist said it is normal for the MCV to increase, and it was nothing to worry about. I asked how far it can increase before I do need to worry, and he wouldn't answer me! So I'm afraid I don't know how large they are allowed to get... sorry!

I also don't know why they measure it, if it genuinely doesn't matter, or why the official upper limit for "normal" people is 98. What are the consequences of it being raised?

Do let me know if you find out....!



Hello Marian,

Thanks for you're reply. I will ask at my next appointment and see if I can coax it out of them.



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