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9th Dec 2015 Meet up Cambridge

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to organize a coffee morning / day in Cambridge, same location as where twinkly has arranged some before. I was planning on 9th dec, I am just trying to get confirmation from the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre.

Would this appeal to anyone?

Perhaps I've left it a bit late, so if more people fancied it I could do it for January. I'll confirm hopefully Monday if the Centre is available.

I don't have a condition my partner does, and I would love to meet up and chat with other people in similar situations :)

Thanks Nic

Cambridge Cancer Help Centre

120 Cambridge Road

Great Shelford

CB22 5JT

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Thank you so much nic ,

I will be able to assist at the coffee morning on December 9 th ,,I spoke to Mary the organiser ( a lovely lady ) she is very keen to meet and greet anyone it's always so welcoming and it's all free can get snax. And lunch ..the garden centre is decorated up for Christmas now looks really beautiful ..with bears and Santa's at scotsdales garden centre Cambridge ,,they have a web site to check out !! The cancer support centre is a charity building donated to us all by the owners of scotsdales's a calm haven to relax ..I go often to chat to councillors ..every body there is a recovering cancer patient ,,so very understanding of our problems ,,do please try to come along ,you will enjoy it I'm sure ,,see you there ,,,twinkly. Xx


Thanks twinkly. Look forward to seeing you there. And many others too :)

You're are right the centre is a lovely informal place to meet and chat.

I will get in contact with maz for some leaflets etc and maybe some xmas cards. They looked really good. X


Twinkly, missed you yesterday, it was a good day but hope to see you on 9th December Love Elsie x


Would love to join you. Were you there yesterday? It was a good day, very informative. ElsieR x


Was good to see you both on Saturday. Will hopefully get to meet again on the 9th. (or I don't mind if majority of responders would prefer new year)


Hi all,

It's all go for the 9th. Twinkly made a call, and it's all booked. Look forward to seeing you there Nx


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