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Anyone else constantly picking up infections?


Hello everyone!

I have ET and PV. On Aspirin and Hydroxy. I was diagnosed in January and since I seem to constantly get ill with coughs and cold. I went very health aware when I got diagnosed and have been exercising and eating healthily ever since but it feels as if my immune system is asleep! I do have an underactive thyroid as well so I know that doesnt help but it would be interesting to know if this is due to the cancer and/or the treatments or if I need to go and see my GP. Thanks in advance to my little MPN family

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I too had repeat and hard-to-get rid-of colds etc when first diagnosed. thankfully a couple of years later I am much better, so maybe your body just needs to settle down. the only other thing i have done is bullied my husband to wash his hands more often when in the presence of cold germs!!

Is white cell count low? It is your neutrophils that help fight off the common infections. If they are low through Hydroxy, some dose adjustment might be necessary. I would have thought your haematologist would be watching this but I've learned the hard way not to take anything for granted!!


I have PV diagnosed 2011 and my first year on Hydroxy saw an improvement in all my symptoms except fatigue. However since January 2013 up to April this year I had a chest infection then two simultaneous bladder indections, pelvic and stomach pain (which I thought had gone for good) and only now am I feeling stronger again and more in the land of the living again. I have found the long, cold winter hard to bear and have literally forced myself to go out every day to keep going. I don't know if it is caused by Hydroxy or the PV. Platelets were raised at last blood tests but hoping that was due to the repeated infections and that they will have gone down at next Haematology appointment. I've started taking fish oil again' Because of intestinal problems I have been prescribed Macrogol. However I have noticed it has added potassium. Does anyone know if there is any detrimental effects for someone with PV in taking this medication?

I had 4 bacterial infections in as many months requiring antibiotics. Then I had a blood check to find that the platelets were well below normal but so were the white blood cells. At that Haemo visit I was taken off aspirin and Hydroxcarbamide so I've had almost a month free from any medication to allow the white blood cells to recover. I feel so much better and stronger. Keeping fingers crossed that I could perhaps have another month free from the medications at the next blood check. Being health conscious I eat lots of garlic, mushroom and ginger and plenty of fruit and veg. Hope 'glassaddict' feels better soon.


It's worth you having a look at this if you haven't already;


Thank you all for your very helpful replies although I now wish I hadn't read that booklet on Neutropenic Sepsis! Thank you StuEp for that scary info. Is there no end in the variations of things which can happen due to our special 'friend' MPN? I hope it's a case like yours Jane 13, and my body just needs to settle in but I will bring this up at my haemo appt tomorrow and keep you all informed.Hope the soon-to-come-sunshine will brighten everyones lives. x

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