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HU and What It Says On the Script

I've been taking HU for about 4 years now. How I handle the "Do Not Touch" is this. I pour one capsule out onto the cap of the bottle and then slip it into my mouth without touching the capsule. I make sure it doesn't touch my lips. Then I swallow it with lots and lots of water, to dilute it. I have had no problems with it while doing it this way. Lots of water is key. I have had no real bad side effects with this med. My doctor says it is a good drug. Wishing you the best with your health! Pollywog

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Hi Pollywog do you do this for a reason? My consultant told me not to open the capsule and when you read about how toxic the drug is it does make sense, I guess you might be intolerant to the capsule content or size. I do get a metallic taste in my mouth all through the day of different intensities my consultant said it might be the coating of the capsule causing it. A friend on intravenous chemo last year had the same side effect so I would guess it's more the drug content then the capsule but I'm new at all this. I'd be interested to know if anyone else experiences this taste.


I take all my meds with fruit juice. They go down more easily. I am not worried about touching the outside of the capsule, it should be clean.


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