Home Is Where My Heart Is. . . ☺

Hello everyone, just a quick update. As you may have guessed by the title they have discharged me yesterday and we finally landed home just after midnight following a marathon wait of over 6 hrs for my meds, mind you there are rather alot. Still I suppose they are necessary. I'd love to say I had a great night sleep but I have gout in my foot as result of spleen leaching toxins apparently, beyond my little brain cells but it's blasted painful. I'd forgotten just how OUCH it is as it's many years since I suffered with it.

At the risk of repeating myself cheers for journeying this past 5 weeks with me, it has helped to push me along particularly when the going has been shall we say challenging. .I now start the hard work down the long slow to full recovery. . . Love and best wishes to you all. Chris xx

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  • Great news to hear you are home.

    Hope the good recovery continues at home.

    Take care

  • Hi Chris, So glad you're 'home'! Yes, gout is AWFUL 😞 Don't know what they've given you, but I take allopurinol, although it didn't work very well when I was really sick. It did improve eventually, and I'm hoping that it will be the same for you 😇 You've just had the biggest five weeks of your life. Be kind to yourself, and acknowledge the huge challenge you've been / going through. Our home is on Norfolk island (South Pacific) and we're going home in December after nearly four years of moving around in Australia. Home is, indeed, where the heart is. Rest up, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Well done that man!!! You're a star 🌟 Jeanette x

  • So chuffed to hear you're home. Well done, you will get a proper chance to recover and don't be hard on yourself if you need some extra naps. Kindest regards Aime xx😺

  • Hi Chris,

    I'm so pleased to hear that you are home, you and your wife and family must be very glad, although a little scared I suppose that you now don't have the medics on tap! Do just what you feel like each day and take your time to get back to feeling great. Look forward to your witty comments in the future.

    Love Judy xx

  • Great news that your home...know what you mean about waiting around...wasnt quite so bad as yours but first time i was in i waited 3 hours for some iron.

    Never heard of that with the spleen. But gout is listed as a symptom of MPN's so maybe thats why.

    Keep well

  • Thrilled to hear that you have been given your freedom. Take real good care of yourself. Don't have too many visitors with The bugs/germs'. All the very best to yourself and your good lady. No more 5 a.m starts. Janice

  • Well done, great that you are home.

  • Fabulous news you are home Chris. Your brain will tell you one thing, but your body another so do what the doc tells you and rest rest rest. Speedy wishes sent your way. x

  • Yaaaay .

    Hope your ouchy gout gets better really quickly .

    Nice and easy does it now .


  • Wonderful news Chris ,,

    I'm so pleased your Home , you take it slow & plenty rest , I do hope your recovery is a steady one ,

    Take good care ,

    From Pam x

  • Hi Chris. Delighted to hear you are home and to your own bed. Sorry to hear of your gout, you have to deal with that pain as well as other problems......but you are on your way up after a tough journey . Sooooo pleased your are doing well.

    Be gentle to yourself.........

    Love and very best wishes.. Sandy x

  • Glad your home Chris. There's nothing like your own bed! Hope the gout clears up soon. Never had it but the other half has and ihe said it's bloody painful. Take care and take it easy. Remember you need to be the tortoise not the hare, slow but sure and you will get there! Lizx

  • So pleased you are home,I bet it it feels marvellous.

    Best of luck in the world for your speedy recovery,take good care of yourself,very best wishes to your family too ,who must have had an anxious time with you and your sister.Onwards and upwards Chris!!!Pensees Chaleureuses.Sally

  • Hello Chris, Really good news that you are now home with your family .Take care and I hope the gout clears soon for you. Bye Gill

  • Whoop whoop!! The man's back at last and after that long, hard slog it's time for the chaise longue and having endless bunches of grapes

    peeled for you!! Stay well Chris, much love winging its way to you, Poll x

  • Fab news Chris so glad for you all xxxxx

  • Glad things are going so well and really pleased you are home. Take it easy and do as the docs say, they know best.

  • That's great news! Hope the gout clears up quickly. The only way is up now! Best Wishes to you and yours. X

  • Hi Chris. Great to hear you are home. Sorry to hear about the gout - I've had it really bad and the pain can be excruciating, so can sympathise with you on that front! And thanks so much for sharing your journey on here - it can't have been easy at points (especially maintaining your sense of humour!) but has been very insightful and can only help build on our knowledge and understanding of MPNs and treatment available. I for one had no idea what a SCT entailed!

    Very best wishes for a speedy, full recovery! And maybe even a beer soon?!


  • Speedy recovery glad all went well Chrissie ,

  • Oh Chris, what a lovely mail from you, I feel quite emotional. Sorry about the gout but you know that will pass and it is ouch!

    Best wishes to you and your family. Have a happy weekend.

    With love

    Linda x

  • So pleased to hear you are safely home again in your own bed. You have been through the first steps of an incredible journey and we are all still rooting for you for the rest of your journey. Gout, eh? just what was it in those drips or hidden under the blanket?!! No, seriously, I KNOW gout is nothing to joke about so hope the ouch goes away very soon. Onwards and upwards to full health ASAP. Best wishes. Jan x

  • So pleased that you're home brave Jedi, don't overdo it and be patient. Hope the gout heals quickly as sleep is so important. Thinking of you and your family. Mel xx

  • Joining all your fans to say thrilled you're back home, may nights improve, may gout go for good and may you just get better and better every day. Warm greetings to your family as well as especially to yourself. Tinkerbell13

  • Thanks for all your kind sentiments. . Just taking things a step at a time. . X

  • Gout, snap - big toe right foot and also swelling/pain in left knee. Few days after release slipped on a step and jarred my back. Did great Quasimodo impressions for a week.

    Glad you are out. Another good step in the right direction.


  • Reckon the gout med colchicine is giving me diarrhea as was warned it could, , bit of a laff trying to reach the loo on crutches. . Esp if you're downstairs. Apparently it's a common side effect but I can't take a full weekend of it so am stopping it in day until clinic Monday. Might risk one at bedtime. . Cheers.

  • Oh you poor soul. Hope things settle down quickly. Aime xx😺

  • Glad to hear you are home, Chris. Best wishes for a safe jurney from now on.


  • Fantastic news Chris! Take it easy & as I said last time keep away from all the October bugs & germs. Hope the gout clears up soon xxx

  • Thats really good news now just "relax" and enjoy. Wishing you all the very best x

  • Hi Chris that's the best news I have heard for ages. I am soooo pleased for you. 5 weeks is such a long time to be away from home. Wishing you all the best for a full recovery (including getting rid of the painful gout!). With much love, Karen xx

  • So pleased you are home Chris and on the road to recovery my brother in law is also home now but of course you still have to go back for quite a few more checkups brave man to go throu with the stem cell treatment . Frank now going to have radiotherapy to try and shrink the spleen As the wonder drug ruxo is no longer keeping the spleen small all the best to you love kisses xxxx

  • Chris so please to hear you are home. Take things easy & rest. Great news and all the best we are all wishing you well.

    Annette x

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery and that gout be gone! You are amazing! Jedi Master now! Much love xx

  • My best wishes to you all you lovely peops. . I'm back at clinic in Manchester Mondays and Thursdays to begin with, so I'm being kept a close watch on. . They will be tiring days but again necessary after a major procedure. Chris XX

  • Dont know if there is anything like it in Manchester, but one of the guys at the East Mids Support group has had a BMT and he spends a lot of time at the maggies centre as its a lot more informal, a relaxing envrionment, he said the waiting around was almost one of the worst things, and down there he could relax, put his feet up, have a cake and go to sleep :)

    Hope you are feeling better after your first weekend at home.

  • Thanks Paul I will look into what if anything is available in my area. . Never thought of it. And my hard worked lady could do with some respite. . Cheers buddy. .

  • Delighted to read about your return home. Love and best wishes xx

  • Nice to know that you are back home and doing ok, keep on getting better my friend. x x x xx Maz

  • Hi Chris good to know your home - keep up the good work. x

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