Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

Hi friends, t'interweb been down so just posting an update. . My white cell count started to CREEP up couple days ago , , normal range 3.0 -4.0 mine was 0.05, then went to 0.24, so last night I had an injection in tum to stimulate them and today 1.2. . Got a further injection later. . So I'm well happy with that as I seem to be getting there albeit slowly. . But it never was a race.

There is talk of allowing me freedom and home next few days if things behave, including me !! . . I must admit it's 4 weeks today banged up in this small room and I'm bored. . Which is good because it means I'm doing well.

As the other Chris on the forum I'm sure would confirm this procedure is no easy ride both physically and emotionally, and it's still early days for me in terms of recovery. . . But I have almost got this first stage under my belt.

I know I've said this but I just wanted to repeat my gratitude to all of you that have chipped in and given me that extra push when I needed it. Very best wishes to you all Chris xxx

PS been getting double vision and I think they implanted a mobile drip stand in my head. . .

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  • That's the best news, Chris! So happy to hear that you're bored 😉 Definitely sounds as though you're ready to be on the move, all going well. Keep away from germs! May the upward trajectory continue x Jeanette 👍

  • Thanks Jeanette, , I intend to ease back into life outside here and not have a succession of visitors for a while as I'm vulnerable and tired. . X

  • That's fantastic news Chris. You must be thrilled to be so close to going home!! I am so pleased for you. Hope the counts continue to rise. Like you say, it's not a race, but the sooner the counts get to normal levels, the sooner you can start living that wonderful new healthy life you really deserve.

    Much love to you and your family, Karen x

  • That's brillian news Chris, sounds very promising. Have been to outpatients today with hubby and he doesn't need to go back for SX weeks, longest without appointments at MRI. I asked my favourite nurse, Nellie about you but understandably patient confidentiality makes it difficult. Only wanted to pass on our good wishes for an excellent recovery.

  • That's great news for you, , as you know it's twice a week check ups which is going to be very tiring at first. . Good luck to you both you deserve it x

  • Soon be home ,try to keep your positive confidence ...we are all thinking of you ,,sending you love and all our strength ..to be as well as you can be ..love twinkly xx

  • Great news and glad the H word has been mentioned .

    Take care of you

    Helen x

  • There's no place like home Chris, just to be able to sleep in your own bed, use your own bathroom and brew up when you feel like it - bliss. Thinking of you and your family and hoping it's not too long now. best wishes Indy x

  • Fantastic news Chris. You take very good care of yourself & as someone else has already said keep well away from any germs for the time being xxx

  • Thats good news...wont be long before you can have a nice beer im sure :)

    Not sure of the new fashion of wearing two pairs of glasses though :)

  • That's brilliant news Chris! And you're right to take it easy when you get home with as few visitors as possible to start with. Much love to you and your family. Try taking one pair of glasses off - may help with the double vision!

    Judy xx

  • I thought it was that Graham fella off Jeremy Kyle for a minute :)

  • Hello Chris,

    Really good to hear from you, take care .Bye Gill

  • Good to read your feeling a bit better ,lets hope it contiues in the same way , I was going to say take of a pair of specs might help with the double vision but our friend piggi50 beat me to it lol, it's a beautiful evening here in Guernsey sending healing thoughts and prayers.best wishes June.

  • Wonderful news! Continue with the good behaviour and you may get time off xx

  • Cheers folks , , softly softly catchee monkey I reckon, , and I will have to wait a wee while for that beer, , but not back to my old ways I've done without for 6 weeks so it will be in moderation. . Xx

  • That's great news Chris. You have really been through the mill but you are coming out the other side now and if you are feeling bored now that's a good sign you must be getting better. Lovely to hear from you and hope they do release you soon. You will be glad to get home and I bet your good lady wife is missing you too. Take care keep us updated lizxx

  • My wife has been by my side each and every day as she opted to stay in hospital accommodation which we were fortunate to be available the whole time. . She is a rock for sure, xx

  • She sounds a great gal Chris, so glad she was able to there the whole time. Having the hospital accommodation I am sure saved her the stress of having to travel too and fro. You have both had enough to worry about. Give my best to her Lizx

  • How great that you have a wonderful wife and a wonderful sister and guessing a little they think you're pretty special too.....your fan club grows by the minute and may you get home very soon and go from strength to strength. Very best wishes Tinkerbell13

  • That's great news! Aime x😺

  • Glad to hear you are doing so well. It must be tough being stuck in a hospital room for that long.

    Fingers crossed you get to go home soon.

  • Great news J R...knew you would make it,you're a brave fighter,your sister too is a very marvellous ,special lady.Best of everything to you both.xx Sally

  • Great news Chris. Good to see your smiling face too. Bet those nurses have lots of great things to say about their positive thinking patient :-). Thanks for the update .... you'll soon be out and about again. Liz xx

  • Hello there. So very glad to hear your fantastic news. Hospitals are fantastic in what they do but by golly they can be the most boring of places and with "tinternet' down as well - doubly so spect that's how your double vision started..... lol. Nice to see you've still got your sense of humor. Please God you'll be back at home base real soon. Take care - just keep on the right track. Janice

  • What can I say. BRILLIANT NEWS!!.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us and I'm sure your positive approach will be an inspiration and comfort to anyone else who may have to face this in the future. Many thanks and "escape" soon.

  • All the best Chris, great to hear that you are on the up.

    Hope they don't forget to take that drip out - it'll be a bugger going through airport security!!

  • Well done, a firm step in the right direction. Yes limit visitors and get them disciplined to consider who they have been in touch with in case they are inadvertently carrying or are incubating something. Also have some hand cleaner for them to use but no nicking the wall mounted hospital ones! Colds can take a few weeks to deal with. I got parainfluenza after a while and had to always attend the end of clinic to protect other patients; felt like I had the plague.

    Often had three appointments a week at first as had transfusions until hgb settled.

    Onwards and upwards.

    Other Chris

  • That's great news Brave Jedi. Hope you are soon home annoying your family! It must have been a very stressful time for all concerned. Best Wishes to you and yours.

    Lizzie X

  • That's great news Chris, there's no place like home. Thank you for sharing your remarkable journey with us. You take care.... Steady as she goes! 😊

  • The force is strong with this one, Jedimaster

  • That is fantastic news Chris! I have said before that for me, being in the right place mentally is crucial to starting all this, your updates have been the most authentic picture of SCT. Waiting for the donor cells to kick in must be so hard. You've given me and so many others great hope. Thanks and keep on going up and up!

  • It's all been said but I'll say it again anyway - I'm SO pleased to hear that you are doing so well. I'm sure that having your "rock" beside you all the way has helped enormously. My partner hates hospitals (with good reason) and so that would have been a major challenge for me but I think he probably would have put his feelings aside for me. Support of loved ones goes a very long way so more power to you both! Just remember 'baby steps' and hopefully they will all continue to head in the right direction!

    ps I think there might be a quick cure for the double vision!!!!

  • Hi Chris, wow ! Ive not logged on for a while and just caught up with your journey so far, all off a sudden I feel a picture of health, and wish you a speedy recovery.

    What you have been/going through could happen to anyone of us at some stage and thank you for archiving a subject that will help a lot in years to come.

    You are an inspiration.

    Good luck.

    Ourlife (Tony)

  • It's all been said but here is the same good message from me, well done to you and your wife, rest and keep smiling. You will soon be homeward bound.

    Linda x

  • Yes, I've had one of them, also; but, sooner or later the little people will come in the middle of the night and mine them for the metal. (Psst..They seem to come more quickly if you try to calculate the absolute worth of sanity.)

  • Very touched as ever by all your best wishes, I can feel them radiating out. . Reckon I be here for a few days yet as one of my liver readings is up, but hey I've come this far so what difference another few days. . Need to be on the right side before I get home to give me best chance. . Cheers Chris XX

  • Hi Chris,

    Truly brilliant news, I am absolutely thrilled for you. Sent with a healing hug.


  • Good to hear that you may be sprung soon- it is a long time to be confined, however it looks as if you are on the home run (trying for a pun there!)--that must be a wonderful feeling . I'm sure your family are looking forward to having you home.

    All good wishes, and thanks for letting us follow along on your journey.

  • Well done so far, Chris. Every day that passes means you are nearer going home.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Chris, not been on for a while but so pleased your doing well. I am sending good wishes for your speedy recovery and hope you are out and about very soon! Best wishes, Diana x

  • Hi - great pic of you looking so well! Feeling bored is a sure sign you are getting better - take good care going home and get plenty of rest. Catch up later, Sue

  • I don't have any trouble resting believe me, , could sleep for a week I think. . I wasn't too good yday after they put me on oral anti rejection drug Cyclosporine. The 3 tabs am pm are huge you might think they are suppositories so I opted for 6 smaller. I'm sure they killed my appetite and had me wretching for a short time. So hero to zero 😲.

    Anyway as my Cyclosporine level was quite high I didn't need em last night or today and I feel much better and hungry. Trouble is I will need to take them so maybe need strong anti sickness before. It's a dodgy game of cat and mouse this.

    Anyway I'm not letting it get me down even though it looks glorious outside. Onwards and Upwards. . Regards All . Chris xx

  • So sorry to hear about the retching but you are doing so well, coping with everything that's being thrown at you. Each hour is an hour nearer getting home. Xx hugs Aime 😺

  • Merciful mon amie. . . Yes if I laid it all out on my bed it would fill it , it's amazing how much the body can endure. .xx

  • Hello Chris,


    So sorry you have had that awful retching but I have a little tip which helped me when pregnant and also not so long ago when one of my recent pills caused the same reaction

    and that is to suck or lick half a lemon. It helped me hugely.

    Best wishes

    Linda x

  • Cheers for that Linda, , will ask Kate to get me one and check ok to use x

  • Well done Chris you have done so well and show such fortitude and courage - every bit of this treatment is a chunk accomplished and a step forward to you getting well again - I know you feel far from it at the moment as side and after effects are so vile and we are all feeling for you on that - it will end in due course and the human body has such wonderful ability to recoup and each day and week makes a big difference - all the best to you and your loyal wife - what value a kind, caring wife eh.

  • Good to see you doing so well Chris and so glad to hear you may get home soon. Lovely to see a big smile on your face as well, despite going through some pretty rough stuff. Keep going, we're all behind you, giving you that little push when you need it. Don't forget where I am if you need anything!

    L x

  • Thanks Lesley, , no joy on home front just yet. Got a couple of issues with my liver readings which are a concern but have to see how it goes. Cheers Chris xx

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