Altitude sickness

I have returned from my holiday in Tenerife having had a wonderful time. I did make it to the top of the chair lift on Mt Teide after an interesting journey up the mountain. I don't think I suffered from altitude sickness although after about 10 steps outside the lift I had to sit down. There was not enough air getting to my brain! I made it all they way round the station, not very far, with rests now and then and there have not been any after effects. When we got down again the air felt quite thick but this could have been imagination. Apart from the sun and sea the main benefit for me was walking along the promenade everyday getting far more exercise than I normally do at home. The seashore is up and down whereas I live in the flatlands of an estuary so I do not normally walk up hills every day. Despite three cooked meals a day and some red wine I have come home two pounds lighter and fitter.


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  • Hi Sally

    So pleased you enjoyed your holiday and well done on extra exercise and weight loss, looking forward to my holiday just over 3 weeks to go. Love Caz x

  • So pleased it all went well, glad you had such a good time. Sun, sea, good food and wine, do wonders for the soul. Liz xx

  • Pleased you had a lovely time Sally, admire you for doing that , sounds lovely though with the walks and wine hahha best wishes Holly x

  • Sounds like heaven! x

  • A two pound loss after your jollies , , I'd chalk that down as a result Sally, interesting about the effect of thin air I guess it would affect the me the same as I have suffered a tad with the recent humidity. . Glad you had a decent holiday but I'm afraid it's well and truly back to humdrum for you . . Sorry Sally just my jealous streak , I crave sun,sea and sand but Blackpool doesn't quite cut it . . . JR.

  • Morning JR. I also suffered somewhat with the humidity and in fact it is humid today as a result of all the rain Surrey has had. Ever so sticky indeed.

    Maybe you can plan a sun, sea and sand holls for next year when you are going to be A1.

    Thinking of you

    Linda x

  • How lovely Sally to hear you had such a good time together with fringe benefits. I go to Southern Spain in two weeks for a week of pampering, it would be nice to come back looking like twiggy but some hope I don't think! Well done for having faced the chair lift as that would be my nightmare. What a success all round. Best wishes.

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