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Hi folks

This is my first post on here and hopefully a positive one. In August last year I was diagnosed with ET/PV Jak2+ following (like a lot of people) an initial routine blood test.

In short, I was told by the consultant I had blood cancer but it was nothing to be scared of, given a leaflet on MPNs and sent on my way!

I knew nothing of what I had just been told, apart from I had cancer. I eventually plucked up the courage to 'Google' it and fortunately came across the MPN Voice website and this forum, which I can honestly say was a godsend and a lifeline.

I've been through all the ups and downs and emotions everyone has on here but now have a greater understanding of what it all means and how the condition can be managed thanks to MPN Voice and the wonderful support from the people on here!

I therefore feel I want to give something back, a 'thank you' if you like, and will be participating in the charity abseil at Guys on June 27 aided and abetted by good lady, Laura. If you'd like to support us, please give whatever you can, however small, by clicking on our Just Giving page below.

Many thanks


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Thank you so much - I have MF and am terrified of heights so what you are doing has my fullest admiration, in fact I don't know of a word to express exactly how I feel.

Good Luck!

Linds x


Hi Pete I did a post a reply to you last night but for some reason it didn't work. . Anyway was simply to say Good on you I hope your abseil is an enjoyable experience and your good lady Laura is waiting at the bottom. It looks easy from ground level but I used to do a lot of ladder work painting houses and it can be a tad daunting being 20-30 feet off terra firma never mind stepping off the top of a sizeable building. Cheers JR

And by the way your diagnosis experience isn't uncommon.


Thanks Linds and thanks JR! I like to think I have a reasonable head for heights but I can imagine stepping off a building at 100ft will be quite daunting. Never done anything like it before so looking forward to it in a strange way - probably not as much as the pint afterwards though;)


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