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Vitamin c and itchiness


Happy Sunday to everyone -I'm just about to plant a few vegetables after some bitterly cold frost warning weather that meant I had to cover everything with sheets.

I have ET, I'm 71, and I'm only taking aspirin at the moment - but my bmb in March showed that I might have B cell lymphoma-so I'm just about to see a hematologist at cancer centre here in 10 days where I'll probably have to have some more tests. I live in Canada- v cold in winter so skin irritation with the ET and a dry warm house has been v. bad especially on my stomach. I've tried lots of different creams, slathered on, and tried showering every other day nothing helped much.

I decided to add 500 mg of vitamin C each day two -three months ago to try and help my immune system (extra to the vitamin C that's in a multi vitamin) and perhaps gradually increase that 500 level of vitamin C if I could without upsetting my tum.

Surprisingly it has improved the itchiness, not sure if its helping the immune system but the itchiness has gone.

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Hi Jeanr

I was surprised that at 71 you are on aspirin only for ET. The consensus of opinion here seems to be that over the age of 60 its Hydroxycarbamide and aspirin. I don`t suffer much with itchy skin, but my skin is dry and my stomach flakes badly if I don`t lather it in cream morning and evening. My Heamatologist recommended Aveeno cream and its worked wonders. Good Luck - Sue


Thanks Sue.

I may be going on to hydroxycarbamide. I think my new hematologist who I see next week will prescribe it.


I think you might be right re Vit C reducing itching, when I was getting Vit C infusions to detox it reduced my itch a fair bit, how much oral Vit C are you on


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