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Good Morning my lovely's.😍hope your enjoying the Bank holidays & keeping fit & well . X

Just thought I'd keep you updated , still no news on my Critical claim , I suppose no news is good news ,

I'm struggling to get my aching muscles under control , having a awful time with my right leg constant ache down it from top of leg down past the knee ,

I'm off to Sunny Alicante Spain on Thursday so hope the sunshine helps , I'm so ready for this holiday , I'm a wee bit anxious about the flight as my Legs go hard when in flight , but now my platelets are a lot lower( 430) I'm praying this doesn't happen , x

Ok my sweet buddy's ,

I say bye bye for now

Stay well everyone , Bye for now ,

lov Pam x 😍😎

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Sure you will be fine, my sis is off to mexico next week and her platelets are around the 900 mark. Sure you will have a great time. Some sun does us all good.

It took about 6 weeks i think for my Critical illness claim, a lot depends how quick your consultant/gp sends back the paperwork. When i submitted mine the girl said it was usually quicker if it was a consultant than a GP, i guess this is because they usually have secretaries sorting their paperwork and GP's maybe have more of their own work to do?

Have a great time



Thanks Paul that's good to know ,

Yes I agree with you there about Consultant , they have asked for all my hospital details consultant & specialist nurse so hopefully they give them the right information they need :) x

Yes I'm sure I be fine with the healthier platelet count this time,

Much Appriciate your reply

Pam x


Hi Pam

Have a really good holiday. I am sure the sun will help the aches. It always seems too help my old bones! It just makes you feel better when the sun is shining and you get some warmth on the skin!

Enjoy and hopefully when you get back you may have an update on your claim.

Liz xx


Thanks Liz ,

It's been 2 years since our last family holiday so really looking forward to it , your right having the sunshine does make a big difference to our mind & body

Thanks for your kind Reply

Take care Love Pam x


Have a loely restful time on your holls , sure you know all the advice move more legs wiggle your toes etc when flying , and your platelets low compared to alot people that fly , enjoy and have great time and soak up the sunshine regards Holly x


Thanks Holly , I shall be wiggling my toe toe's until we land , 😎x


Hi Pam, hope you have a brilliant holiday, enjoy, I am not at all jealous!!! Maz x x x


Much Appriciated Maz , I will have a cake & Sangria just for you

( just a little tho) 😝🍰🍷x


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