Getting to the start line

Getting to the start line

Well it's marathon weekend, and getting to the start line has been tough for john. He's stuck to his training plan and we've experienced together the highs and lows. The smiles for the achievements, and the concern for the reality of dealing physically and mentally with et.

Have a watch out for him and if you see him give him a big cheer, now it's about crossing the line with his head held high.....


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  • Best of Luck,so much effort,hope you reap rewards,have such admiration for those who can manage to do these amazing things.....good on you !

  • Good luck John!! It is an amazing challenge you are undertaking. Well done!!

  • Good Luck John, we are all rooting for you....what a brave and amazing person you are for doing this xxx

  • brilliant thing to do , hope all goes well 🌟

  • Thanks for your kind messages about john, he did so well. An absolute gutsy and determined performance from start of training to the finish line. Now he will continue running, recognising the benefits, just not that distance. Thank you all so much :) x

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