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Update on numb feet

I have finally had my doppler scan and results for my numb feet. Unfortunately my consultant is away for 3 months so saw a locum who shuffled through my notes to find the results. All he could tell me was that everything was normal and when questioned further started to demonstrate how to rub my feet no other advice! My cons. Originally said it would be interesting to see if anything changed as he put me on Hydro 2 months ago. Just as a matter of interest is it normal for your platelets to go up again after they had been going down nicely. My hydro has been increased from 1 a day to 2 Mon to Friday and 1 at weekends. Feel fine on it no side effects fingers crossed.

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Hi Benjamin12, platelets can fluctuate, and can be for a variety of reasons, this happens to a lot of us and the dose of Hydroxycarbamide (or other medication) is changed to combat the change in levels. I do hope your feet improve soon. Maz


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