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New Rapid Heme Panel Screens 95 Gene Mutations for Blood Cancers

ASH 2014 Video - Dr Richard Stone, Director of the Adult Leukemia Program at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, sheds some light on the newly developed Rapid Heme Panel.

Access to this testing in not readily available in the U.S. (or Europe) at this point, but it is good stay abreast of the latest -

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David Wallace (PV Reporter)

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As an elderly female Polycythaemia patient, JAK2, EXON12 & CALR negative, with no enlarged spleen, I was diagnosed with polycythaemia - undetermined cause, in February 2014. Apart from elevated haematocrit levels all other counts in a FBC are well within the 'normal' range. The usual investigations revealed no secondary non-haematological causes for high Hb. I am treated by venesection only, approximately 3 monthly, aiming to keep the haematocrit (PCV) no higher than 0.45 although it has usually risen to around 0.49 by the time I have the next venesection and we are still working towards a timetable that keeps it below 0.45. I am very fortunate that the symptoms often associated with PV are mild in my case. Would the Rapid Heme Panel be likely to identify other gene mutations that may be the cause of JAK2 negative polythaemia? Is research continuing into identification of other gene mutations?


I am glad your symptoms are mild and venesection has been helpful. While research is definitely continuing to explore other gene mutations, I can't comment on the Rapid Heme Panel and JAK2 negative polycythemia.....that is surely a question for an MPN expert. Hope you will seek further consultation on this, our illness can be quite puzzling at times.