Feeling hopeful

Hi friends , saw my Heamatolgist yesterday , and he was very pleased with my results ,which in turn made me feel happier ! My platelets down to 409 ! best ever !! so staying on 500 mg per day .. see him again in 3 month . He wasnt concerned about my recent blood infection said yes 5 is the norm but mine was 7.5 , but thinks over Christmas i had a virus but he not at all concerned . said to me water intake no more than 3litre day othrrwise we lose to much salt from our bodies which isnt good . so will heed his words and feel positive best wishes Holly xx

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  • All positive Holly and a good start to 2017. I'm at the clinic on the 17th so hoping for good results too.

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary good luck for 17th hooe your results good . Holly x

  • That's great news Holly so pleased for you I know you were worried so onwards and upwards xx

  • Hi Helen yes thank you. Do hope your okay and things improving for you ,all the best Hollyxx

  • Hello Catwoman,

    I am really delighted for you, as you have had a diificult time of it. I wish you a healthier 2017 and just really happy for you!


  • Hi Holly, really happy for you as I know you have been worried. I hope your counts stay good and you continue to feel better. Karen x

  • Hi Karen , yes so do i , i know that for all of us the count can go up or down , but Dr wants my particularly low because i have a heart valve risk and bp so he is happy they are where they are , many thanks to you and take care of yourself Holly x

  • That's great Holly, kindest regards Aime.xx😺😺

  • Thank you Aime ,hope yourr okay best wishes Holly x

  • Hi Holly, very good news, such a relief for you. Best wishes, Maz

  • Hi Maz , Thank you all the best to you best wishes Holly x

  • Keep up those great results. Thanks for the info re water intake. I try to hydrate but find it difficult at times. I do know how important it is. All the best in 2017. Hugs, Harlie

  • Hi Harlie ,yes i find water intake especially hard when its winter , i hope they keep on going in right direction best wishes Holly x


  • Good news Holly, enjoy the new year. The interesting point was about the water - I was told not to go overboard with the water thing by a nurse. She mentioned how much of our salts can be washed away and cause real damage to ourselves when we overdo the water. She said two litres is ample and maybe a bit less if we juice things. Apparently we can become fatigued, dizzy and a feeling of nausea if the salts become imbalanced. Food for thought, or rather water for thought.


  • Good start to the year Holly

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