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Back Pain

Does anyone else have problems with back pain, I thought I had jarred my back while on holiday 7 weeks ago but that seems to have cleared up, its only when laying down to sleep the nerve seems to get trapped and muscle spasm in the left lower side in the small of the back. I had worries of bone cancer but have been assured it not this, I have Jak2+PV and am on Hydrox?

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I had back pain when I was swapped from the pink/green hydroxycarbamide (Hydrea) to the white hydroxycarbamide - no difference in price but the chemist couldn't seem to get the Hydrea! I tried physio, acupuncture, etc. Then I reflected back and realised that I had changed meds about the time the back pain started, so I went to another chemist and managed to get the Hydrea again - lo and behold, back pain disappeared and has not returned! My haematologist couldn't explain why as they are essentially the same drug, but there is something different about them as far as I'm concerned. I am now specifically prescribed Hydrea and have no problems. Don't know if that rings any bells for you, but I just thought I'd mention it.

Hope you feel better soon!


Hi Ginnyhelen

Thanks for the reply, I've been on the hydroxc for about a year now but as I'm at the hospital Monday I'll ask the question. I have no trouble from it was long as I'm not laid down and then whoooa, pain! We'll see, enjoy your weekend!


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