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Hello Everyone

We hope you are keeping well and that you enjoyed the extra hour on Sunday!

We’ve just had notification of two fundraising events that are happening in the next few weeks.

Saturday 1st November Lauren is Shaving her Head!

Lauren has decided that it’s time for a new look! So she is shaving her head for MPN Voice. Lauren will be wearing her MPN Voice T-shirt and a big smile.

We look forward to seeing the before and after photos. Thank you Lauren for your amazing support.

If you would like to sponsor Lauren, please go to her Just Giving page

Sunday 23rd November Sandown Park 10k Gallops

Faye was diagnosed with a MPN about a year ago and until recently had never run more than a bath!! But as part of her mission to keep as fit and healthy as possible, she started running with a group of school mums and set herself a challenge. Faye is running her first ever 10k for MPN Voice to say thank you for being the best source of information over the last year.

We would like to thank you Faye for your wonderful support and wish you all the best with your training and your 10k.

If you would like to sponsor Faye, please go to her Just Giving page

Don’t forget, if you have a fundraising event you would like to advertise, please contact us at , we can also send you MPN Voice resources to use at your event – balloons, flags, posters, collection pots – just let us know what you need.

Thank you from the MPN Voice Fundraising Team

2 Replies

Good to see, have donated, only a small amount on each but it all counts!


Thank you Paul, that's very kind of you. Maz


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