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Forgotton medicine

Hi all,

Just arrived in Barcelona and realised forgotton my hydroxy and aspirin, aspirin no prob as can buy that here. Platelets are under control at just under 400, been taking the hydroxy for about 5 years. Anyone know if it will be dangerous to just leave taking it for a week or have I got to go try find a Dr who will prescribe me some?, unless I am told otherwise I'm thinking more to just starting back when I get home.

I have ET, take 1500mg per day and am 42.x



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Hi Justin, I am asking Prof Harrison for you, I will let you know what she says as soon as I can, Maz.


That's very kind of you Maz. Thank you.x


Hi again Justin, Prof Harrison has said that you will probably be ok not to take them for a week as long as you have never had a thrombosis or a bleed. Maz x


Thanks Maz, never had either so I'll crack on and enjoy my hols.x


Good, have a lovely holiday, I am not in the least jealous, honest! x


Justin, last year I had problems with my kidneys, my consultant took me off the Hydroxea although he did not think that was causing the problem. I was not happy about that but as it turned out another pill was responsible. My platelets went up to 800 but as soon as he put me back on it settled down again so I don't think you should worry for one week. Have a good holiday but do be careful, I was mugged in Barcelona 10 years ago!!!! Best regards Elsie x


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