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Patent Femoral Ovale and MPN's

I am undergoing a lot of tests at the moment and I have been diagnosed with a Patent Foramen Ovale. It is a hole between the upper chambers of the heart which is quite common to some degree.

I was wondering though if this had been looked at in patients with MPN's, I have ET Jak2+, as this means that deoxygenated blood is passing through without being cleaned in the lungs. With the added problem of the stickiness of my extra platelets this blood not being cleaned would I think increase the likelihood of strokes.

I will be getting the full diagnosis when all tests are finished and further treatment decided upon but just wondered re the hole and MPN patients.

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Sorry should read PATENT FORAMEN OVALE


Interesting to say the least. Maybe Maz could ask the question of Dr Harrison.


Maz any response?


Hello Yorkie1, I passed your query through to Prof Harrison at Guy's Hospital and she has replied: "There is very little information about PFO in MPD/N. Usually we would not be concerned however unless..

1. There has already been a stroke

2. There is a transplant procedure planned.

It is important to remember that even with a PFO only a tiny tiny fraction of blood is passing across in the wrong direction. The vast majority of your blood is flowing the other way." I hope this helps. Kind regards, Maz.


Okay thanks Maz, yes I have previously had TIA's so will query it at my next consultants visit


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