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I wish I was able to go to the Manchester forum on Saturday .we are able to learn so much from each other ,if you do go have a great day !!

I have attended the forums in London and around the Essex area ,over the last 2 years, they have taught me so much , Talking to others who have my same problems ,also the family and friends around us ,gives us so much information. The doctors give their valuable time to attend to answer those questions ,we cannot find in text books. In the relaxed atmosphere it's a chance to unwind ,to make friends and contacts those who support us ,put a name to a face, good luck to your speakers ,have a great time ..violet. Xx

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Hi Violet, we wish you were coming as well. x x x


Hi Violet, Maz is right, it would be lovely if you could come! Is anyone else from here besides Maz and I going on Saturday? Maz where will I find the format for the day please? I look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Thanks in advance

Diana x

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Well I know Louise is going she is a speaker on the day ,

It will be a gas,gas,gas, Have a great time ,,I'm going to Windsor ch dog show ,

Or I would be there ....violet. Xx


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