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Elevated red blood cells in a blood test... Recently have fatigue, weakness, burning hands, strong headaches. Got my results, ok thyroid

Can anyone help explain??

My doctor can't see me for a week and I am really confused (and a bit anxious).

I am a 31-year old woman, no smoking, live at sea level, healthy weight, healthy diet and exercise.. but I have elevated red blood cells! (My TSH came out as 3.2 which is about my usual reading. (The range reference "rr" is 0.27-4.2) mU/L.)



WBC (Abnormal) - 3.8 (reference range 4.0-10.0) giga/L

RBC (Abnormal) - 5.07 (reference range 3.80-4.80) tera/L

Hemoglobin - 144 -(rr 120-150) g/L

Hematocrit - 0.42 - (rr 0.35-0.43)

MCV - 84 - (rr 82-98) fl

MCH - 28.4 (rr 27.5-33.5) pg

MCHC - 340 (rr 305-365) g/L

RDW - 13.9 (rr 11.5-14.5) %

Platelet Count (Abnormal) - 145 (reference range 150-400) giga/L

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Hello green_daisy, I have passed your message to Prof Harrison for you, I am afraid that we are unable to give you specific medical advice, we can understand that you are feeling anxious and confused and she feels that it will hopefully be easy to sort out with the review with your doctor. Were you being tested for a MPD at all, was anything like this discussed with you at all? Kind regards, Maz


Hi Green Daisy,

I am sorry to hear you are having an anxious time which we all have when we get unusual blood counts. I am afraid, I have become slightly more forceful since I have had Polycythemia and have insisted in getting medical appointments sooner. Worrying does you no good, please phone your GP and insist on an earlier appointment.

I am no medical expert so can't help on that count, but please don't feel alone with your worries and let us know how you get on.

Kind regards - thinking of you - Aime


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