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Free Prescriptions?

I have only last week been diagnosed with PV and JAK2 positive, I was wondering whether i would be entitled to free prescriptions?

I am 37 but have had high HP for over 10 years which has never been followed up until recently when i was admitted to hospital with confusion/stroke symptoms. I would very much appreciate any advice offered.

Many thanks

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Hi Fazzer, if you are being prescribed any medication to treat your PV then you are entitled to free prescriptions, you will need to get a FP92A from your GP surgery or your haematologist, you need to complete it and then get them to sign it, you need to tick the box that says 'I am undergoing treatment for cancer', MPDs were reclassified by the World Health Organization as blood cancers, therefore entitling people receiving medication for their MPD for free. We have more information on our website if you have any problems let me know. Maz


Thanks for this Maz, much appreciated.


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