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I need your help to make money


I retirered yesterday. If you have any knowledge of me great if not look me up. I have a lot of fund raising ideas involving things I have done in my life. Today I did 20 miles on my bike but this involves my relationship with local and regional cricket and national hunt racing and book making. I want to raise as much money as possible for MPD Voice and Leaukeama care. I have some plans that will need manpower. Will you send me your postcodes if you can help in the Derby/ Notts area. Mine is DE55 1DX. I am going to need help from either yourselves or family if my ideas work out. Postcodes only no identities for now.

Tomorrow I either get up and cycle the Derbys High Peak trail or spend all day pursueing fund raising ideas. Noodle I am stlill expecting an answer re hooking up. Sorry if the spelling isn't great, you can guess why.


we met up and that remains the only none professional contact I have had.

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Hi Skodaguy

DE56 0JL here


Hi Skodaguy, this sounds great, thank you, I am happy to put any events on the website for you and to promote them via an email, we can also supply you with t-shirts, flags, balloons and money pots if you need any of that type of stuff, you can email my colleague Marilyn at marilyn@mpnvoice.org.uk, she is our fundraising co-ordinator. Hope you had a nice cycle along the High Peak trail today, I am in Matlock Bath and have walked along a lot of it with my dog. Regards, Maz.

Hi Skodaguy - happy retirement! Best wishes Aime

Hi Skodaguy, happy retirement! Sorry can't help re post code as in Manchester area but good luck!

DE7 6HQ. I was surprised to see two postcodes near to me. Not sure how much I can help as I still work full time and involved in local church activities but I would be interested to see if I can offer some support


ng5 7et

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