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Think of your body as a fish tank,the organs are the fish,feed it too much rubbish food the fish can't digest soon fish are goners for sure,

If you reach this sorry state,what would you do?would you treat the fish for the illness they have developed? would change the water,Do your body the same favour

Change the water ,clean up the environment ,,then keep it clean ,,I'm here to help you do just that ,make a start now in 2014 ,,lets change the water,,,

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Morning Twinkly!

It's me in the frozen north - literally.

Well, you know I've been banging on about eating less food loaded with chemicals preservatives and additives for months and months. Our bodies have enough chemical bombardment at the moment with adding more via our food and food chain.

Organic is the way to go. I have more energy, less fatigue, fewer aches and pains.

Yesterday I catered for a party with 55 guests followed by supper for 12, went to bed at 1am and feel absolutely fine.

I wouldn't go back to eating the way I used to for a big gold clock.

Yes it can be more inconvenient, more expensive and I'm sometimes viewed as a crank - but I know it works!

Try following My Shed routine

S - support from family and friends

H- hydration, at least 3 litres water every 24 hours, we'll spaced

E - exercise

D - diet - organic if you can, healthy foods, lots of fruit, veg, and fish, as well as meat.

Cut down on dairy produce.

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy healthy new year.




Good idea, I'm going to try to improve my general health (now all the Christmas goodies have gone!)


I love the SHED formula! Thanks. I'm working on this.....too.


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