Does anyone with PRV suffer from red, swollen face (definitely can't be described as "ruddy complexion", more than that)

Have suffered from this for last four days. Face very red, itchy, hot to touch,swollen and although skin doesn't look lumpy you can feel lumps under the skin. Eyes look small and one ear very enlarged and red. Painful even combing hair. GP put me on some anti histamine but doesn't seem to have helped so far, Am also on hydrox and aspirin. Also feel shivery but don't know if this is connected.

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  • Hi, sorry to hear you are suffering like this. I have PV and certainly have itchy and ruddy face but never had a swollen one - hopefully some of the others on the forum can help you with this. If this is a different symptom to what you have had in the past I would go back to your GP and ask for a second opinion with a consultant. If there is no improvement, I would certainly go back to your GP. Sorry can't help but thinking about you. Kind regards Aime

  • Thanks Aime, hav an appointment with my GP on Monday = tried to call my haemo today but got a recording "office closed till Monday. We'll just have to see what Monday brings - hopefully no real bad news.

  • I have been hoping you would get an answer to your question, I know nothing about these symptoms. I agree that a Doctor 's appointment might be in order. I hope you find answers soon.

  • Hi Shellsween thanks for acknowledgment to my query - have doctor's appointment Monday and if not happy after that I will call my haemo, tried to do so today but his office closed till Monday. Hopefully I will get some answers then

  • Hi sand-bog, I few months ago I asked the haematology staff what are the symptoms of thrombosis. You have described it exactly as they explained.

    I think perhaps a trip to a&e might be prudent. Sorry to throw something like that at you, and obviously I could be wrong. But a fast check wouldn't hurt.


  • P.S. though they didn't mention shivering or feaver, so it could be as simple as an absis or infection ?

  • Hello, I would contact NHS direct after your GP surgery closes today and once they have gone over your symptoms with you they will probably ask you to see an out of hours GP . Its not right for you to have to wait until Monday. Hope it settles soon for you. Bye

  • Hi infuseme and babbittybumble thanks for your replies. Can't say yours enthused me infuseme! Hasn't got any worse but not much better either however will wait until Monday, Cheers and thanks for your support

  • Hi sand-blog, sorry, I don't meen to be so blunt... (it's like trying to teach a middle age dog (me) new tricks.)

    I really hope you get this resolved fast, it sounds awful. .


  • Thanks Geoff, do feel a bit better today and face slightly improved, we'll see what tomorrow brings

  • I wish their was a likes button. So I'll just press the recommend.

    Hopefully you'll feel up to sharing what happens, but either way.. I hope all goes well and all is resolved :-)

  • Hi infuseme, thanks for your concern and support. Saw the GP today and must admit face is better - not swollen and some of the redness gone. He put it down to hydroxyurea reaction although why it should take that long to suddenly raise its ugly head (like the pun?) I don't know. My left ear is still swollen, sore and red but GP thinks that is something else and now have ear drops and antibiotic. Hopefully that is the end of it and by the end of the week all will be back to normal. Blood counts and platelets all

    responding well to hydrox. Cheers

  • Oh you poor soul, hope you are better very soon. Aime

  • Thanks Aime, much better his week face not so red or swollen and generally feeling better

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