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Interferon injection sites


Could anybody advise where I am able to inject my Interferon? I am currently doing it into my stomach but I am injecting every other day at present and my skin looks a little red despite rotating sites? Can I give it in my thighs or anywhere else there is some skin? I have tried asking a haematologist and also the hospital pharmacy but nobody seems to know the answer?

Many thanks in advance.

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I regularly injected Pegasys in my thighs but only when I used the 'automatic plunger' (i.e. not needle+syringe).

I had similar problems as youself plus injection of an anti-coagulant in my stomach.

Best of luck


I inject into the fatty bits on my hips (love handles), it can be tricky sometimes because of the awkward angle. I've thought about my thighs but there seems to be a huge amount of surface veins and vessels which has put me off attempting it there. Otherwise stomach.

I was told not to inject within 2 inches of the belly-button. Other common places are hips, thighs and the flappy bits under the arm (I'd imagine this to be painful). Also to drawer the needle up first to make sure there's no blood in it, if so change the site as you've hit a blood vessel (this is easier said than done as the injections are quite stiff). 🙂

Jen76 in reply to fee13

Thank you for your advice

Useful site with diagrams that show possible sites. Good luck!

Kind regards, Paul.

I’ve injected into thighs before - seems to work ok so long as you have enough flesh to inject subcutaneously and not into muscle


When you open box with injection there is a complete information on Inteferon Peg... and how to where to inject with the pictures. Hope this is helpful.

Wishing you well

I was taking interferon for about 9 years and always injected in stomach. Have you tried having a word with a nurse to see if they can suggest anywhere else?? Every time I tried another place to inject it was always painful. Good luck.

Hi Jen

I've been injecting once a week for about a year now. I use the syringe and note the pen. I injected into my tummy until about 4 weeks ago and changed to my thigh. My haematology nurse said it's fine in the thigh.

I've had no problems doing this but will probably mix it up a bit, swap to tummy every now and then.

Good luck.

Beryl x

I have been on interferon for 10 years always used stomach i have the pen,try and use different sites each time,i try and grab a little flab then inject,less painful,stay away from belly button x

Hi Jen

I was initially on Interferon injecting every other day. I rotated round, using a pen injection, each side of the abdomen & then each thigh. It did however look like four red dots on a dice but I had no problems with skin breakdown. The thighs were a little more tender to inject into.

I have since gone on to pegylated interferon (syringes)which means that I only inject alternate sides of the abdomen.

Hope this helps.

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