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I have PV and am having problems with cold hands at the moment does anyone else have similar experiences?


They are so cold I am finding it is affecting the way I hold my pen and type, I can still do both but I don't have the normal amount of 'feeling' if that makes sense, they are not completely numb but not normal either. I am occasionally getting tingling feelings in my toes too, that doesn't cause me any problems but just something I noticed. Is it just me?

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Hi Foss33, My hands are either too hot or too cold, never the happy medium. I don't have the right amount of feeling in my left hand but I also have oseoarthritis in my thumb so not sure if that is affecting it. I have bother with hot feet and then cold feet. I also get tingling in legs, feet and toes but again got arthritic problems in spine, hips and bit toe! Sorry I am not much help but at least you know you are not alone. Kind regards Aime

Hi Foss33, No you are not on your own, i have had this problem for a few years now, cold hands and cold feet, particularly the hands, i cannot stand it when the temperatures are really low, i find even gloves are of no use, i never had this problem prior to my PV diagnosed in 2007, so not being a expert, i feel it has to be related to our blood issues. I have not had much explanation from my hemo either, so i have just got used to this condition, sorry i cannot offer a solution but just advise you to try and keep warm. At least for myself the weather is a little warmer so my hands are pretty normal at the moment. Regards Patrick.


Yes yes yes..I have the coldest hands in the NW of the country!It feels like anyway..

AND my feet!The tingling is not in my feet it is on my calf. Feels like an insect is walking down my leg.

I have electric blankets, microwave heated socks, reflective heat underlay to sit on in the car, more or less always wear gloves in wintertime...AND 23.5 degrees in the house.

Say no more. Oh, yes, I have E.T.but still...

Sorry, can only agree, keep warm!:-)

Just as Aime said either hot or cold nothing in between. When I'm using my hand at work (checkout op) they are always freezing its mainly my fingers. My feet are the same but it the burning at night that get me, can't remember the last time my feet were under the covers.

Hi Foss, when my fingers go very cold and white I shake them hard, like shaking down a thermometer, to get blood into my fingertips again. I get cold easily, but a brisk short walk works better than increasing the heat. Plenty of caffeine-free hot drinks help to keep my circulation going as well. Borage

Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, some really interesting comments and good to know its not just me. I have tended to increase my cups of tea to try and wrap my hands around the cup and get them warmed up, will give that a miss and stick to my water. Thanks for all the tips guys.

Andrea (Foss)


Hi Andrea

Yes my hands are always cold at work, I have a desk job on a computer so not very mobile. I try to warm them up under the hand dryer in the toilet! Other than that my body temperature in general is either too cold or too hot, like the other comments no happy medium I'm afraid.



I've started to have cold hands, then they I become hot and I have to remove my rings just thought it was me. Can PV make your whole body hot and cold at night? I've had this for sometime now.

No, not just you. I get 'white finger' if I allow myself to get cold, also a horrendous burning pain in the soles of my feet after I have been in the swimming bath for about 20mins..quick exit to the Jacuzzi does the trick! Wrap up warm, try those fingerless gloves (or knit some), believe it is due to problems with circulation in the small blood vessels.

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